FLOYD S. FIERMAN, 1917 - 1989

Papers of Floyd S. Fierman, ca. 1850 - 1995 [bulk: 1870 - 1970]

University of Arizona Library Manuscript Collection SJA 003


The files in this collection are a product of the historiographic research of Rabbi Floyd S. Fierman, Ph.D., formerly of El Paso, Texas. The bulk of material consists of both anecdotal and documented reminiscences from the descendants of Jewish individuals who settled in the areas of western Texas and New Mexico during the second half of the nineteenth century. In addition, Fierman acquired photocopies (and a few originals) of census records, court and legal documents, business records and contracts, and birth and marriage records from this pioneer period during his many excursions into regional historical societies, records bureaus, and archives.

The collection also contains a significant amount of correspondence between Fierman and the descendants of pioneer families. Some of these contacts were maintained by the staff of the Bloom Southwest Jewish Archives, and some correspondence from the Archive's staff is also present.

Seven BOXes; 8.5 linear feet


Collected by Floyd S. Fierman and donated by him to the Bloom Southwest Jewish Archives.


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The material in this collection is organized into two groupings, according to the geographic location of the Jewish individuals, families, or institutions researched. The first four BOXes contain materials relevant to New Mexico's Jewish history. The last three BOXes contain materials relevant to the Jewish history of western Texas. Folder headings within each grouping are organized alphabetically according to the name of the relevant individual, institution, or the subject matter of the file.

Descriptions at the item level are indicated by a "bullet" (a black dot).

Note: in some cases material has been removed from the set of photocopies of Fierman's papers which accompanied the originals and placed with the originals. This was done when the copied set contained items lacking among the originals.

Biographical Note

This collection was compiled between 1949-1989 by Rabbi Floyd Fierman, Ph.D. (1917-1989), who served Temple Mount Sinai of El Paso, Texas from 1949 to 1979. His leadership in the community extended far beyond the temple. He was actively engaged in combating racism and fighting for civil rights in El Paso. He was also dedicated to interfaith education and communication and to tracking the history of Jews in the binational southwest.

This collection is the result of his interest in the careers and accomplishments of Jewish pioneers who moved west with their families seeking opportunities of various sorts. As these pioneers settled, they built synagogues, business interests, and communities. By 1860 there was a strong Jewish presence in America's western-most reaches.

Although Fierman was not trained as a professional historian, his contributions to the field included several books and monographs on Jews of the southwest, including Guts and Ruts: The Jewish Pioneer on the Trail in the American Southwest (1984), and its sequel Roots and Boots (1988). He also wrote for several scholarly journals including Western States Jewish HistoryAmerican Jewish Historical Quarterly,American Jewish Archives, and Arizona and the Southwest.

In his search for historically-significant materials, Fierman photocopied documents from many regional repositories, such as the New Mexico State Records Center and Archives. He also maintained close contact with archivists and librarians from all over the country in his quest for materials and documents. He developed a particularly close relationship with the late Rabbi Jacob Marcus, archivist and historian at the American Jewish Archives.

A sizable portion of the material collected is a product of Rabbi Fierman's notes as taken down on whatever material was available to him at the moment, including hotel and airplane stationery. He often recopied these notes several times and compiled elaborate appendixes to the files which are often longer and more complex than the original record.


BOX 1 New Mexico

Albert, Harold

Albuquerque, NM

  • "Carving Out an Identity in the Land of 'Anglos'." Reference to the New Mexico Jewish Historical Society which holds collection of 19th century sheet music from New Mexico's first synagogue.

Altshool, Janet

  • "The State Dissects Fascism: Multi-Media Event Features Seven Weeks of Visual Arts, Film, and Video."

Alvarez, Don Manuel

  • Brief biography of Don Manuel Alvarez (a merchant in New Mexico in the 19th century).
  • Professional correspondence from Mr. David Maldie to Manuel Alvarez, April 20, 1841. Letter copied by F. Fierman.
  • Manuscript from Vicente Martinez written in Spanish (1833).
  • Business inventory written in Spanish by Josias Gregg (1835).
  • Professional correspondence from Thompson to Manuel Alvarez and J.Sutton to ensure evidence that Thompson had paid them (October 13, 1837).
  • Receipt of payment for gold bullion from Manuel Alvarez (1838).
  • Receipt for payment of three hundred dollars to Mr. John Johnson in which Manuel Alvarez was a witness (September 1, 1843).
  • Correspondence written in Spanish (February 22,1860).
  • Several receipts written in Spanish (1836).
  • Inventory written in Spanish (1839,1842,1843).
  • Excerpts of the Manuel Alvarez Papers inventory with references to Albert Speyer (1845-1848).
  • Statement submitted from merchants of Santa Fe, New Mexico in regard to exported goods to the House of Representatives of the United States. It is signed by Manuel Alvarez for and on behalf of the American merchants in Sante Fe (February 1842).
  • Receipt and statement of inventory (Sept. 1, 1842).

Amberg family

  • Correspondence between Bloom Southwest Jewish Archives and the Amberg family (1992-1995).
  • Part of the genealogy of the Amberg family (1993,1994).
  • Genealogy of the Amberg family (1770-1976).

Amberg, Jacob

  • Article - "The Promised Land," Albuquerque Journal, Section D; p. 1,3 (April 22, 1990); Jacob Amberg is mentioned.

Anti-Defamation League

  • Article provides discussion of Jewish/Christian dialogue in Santa Fe.
  • Three articles relating to the Greater Albuquerque and the New Mexico Anti-Defamation League.

Anti-Semitism in New Mexico

Appel, Alvin

  • Personal correspondence regarding the genealogy of the Appel family (1992).
  • Segment of "Memoirs of Alvin Appel" written by Alvin Appel. Appel discusses his early years in Las Vegas, New Mexico.
  • Chronological, geographical, and statistical information organized by Alvin Appel. Maps indicating residential and commercial areas in Las Vegas, New Mexico in the nineteenth century. An analysis of vital records of Montefiore cemetery (founded 1881). Chronological order of burial dates, births, and longevity record, and a summary of mortality records.
  • Appel genealogy beginning with Abraham Appel (March 24, 1840).

Baer, Louis

Banking (New Mexico)

  • Professional correspondence regarding Jewish banking in New Mexico (1965).
  • List of charter members of the Bank of New Mexico (1853).
  • From Parish, William - "Merchant Banking in Early New Mexico," Mid-Continent Banker vol. 51, no. 7 (July 1955). Refers to merchant banking in New Mexico, Rabbi Moise Bergman, and Solomon Beuthner.


Bellman, Samuel

  • Correspondence between Abraham Chanin and Ethel Schwartz regarding Samuel Bellman.
  • Four indentures, five warrantee deeds, two quitclaim deeds, four mortgage deeds, and two chattel mortgages - all in the name of Samuel Bellman.
  • Professional correspondence from attorney to Samuel Bellman regarding a defective title (1914).
  • Regards exact location of property purchased (1916).

Bergman, Rabbi Moise

Bernalillo Mercantile

  • Newspapers article from Klemz, Victoria -"Bernalillo Mercantile Changes Hands from Seligman to Craft," Sandoval County Review(August 7, 1978).
  • Historical discussion of the Old Bernalillo Mercantile, from Klemz, Victoria -"The 'Merc' in Bernalillo Part of Historical Sandoval County,"Sandoval County Review (June 1978).
  • Professional correspondence from Jack Seligman (1947, 1978).
  • Professional correspondence to Siegfried Seligman (June 22, 1945).
  • Article from Brown Kenneth - "Bernalillo-A City of Action! Ayer, Hoy Y Manana," Northside Story; vol. 1, no. 5 (May 30, 1969); discusses the history of Bernalillo.
  • Article from Arango, Polly -"Bernalillo Mercantile Echoes Eras Past," Rio Rancho Roadrunner (January 15,1980); discusses the Bernalillo Mercantile Company's history.
  • Advertisement for Bernalillo Mercantile Co.
  • Audit report for Bernalillo Mercantile Company (February 28, 1941).
  • Contract between Bernalillo Mercantile and Cubero Trading Company for merchandise sold at twenty thousand dollars (July 1915).
  • Census of Las Cruces (1900).
  • Check issued to Mr. Seligman from First National Bank (June 23, 1886).
  • Bernalillo Mercantile Company combined balance sheet (February 28, 1941).
  • Receipt from Bernalillo Mercantile Company.
  • References to court filings.
  • Organizational minutes of the Bernalillo Mercantile Company and minutes of the Board of Directors (1903,1913,1914).
  • Outline for the yearly report (1940-1941) of the Bernalillo Mercantile Company.

Bernstein, Morris J.

  • Article mentions Morris Bernstein (lacks any citations).

Beuthner, Solomon

Bibo, Arthur

  • Manuscript of telephone conversation between F. Fierman and Irman Bibo (Jan. 19, 1979).
  • Correspondence between F. Fierman and Arthur Bibo regarding primary documents of the Bibo family (March 19, 1954).
  • Correspondence from Arthur Bibo's wife (first name not available) to F. Fierman regarding the condition of her husband (September 8, 1967).
  • Correspondences from Arthur Bibo to F. Fierman regarding Bibo genealogy (1964) and family photographs (1961).
  • Correspondence between Arthur Bibo and F. Fierman (1954-1960).
  • Introduction to biography on Arthur Bibo written by F. Fierman. Includes endnotes.

Bibo, Charles

Bibo family

  • Genealogy of the Bibo family (1807-1965).
  • F. Fierman's correspondences concerning the Bibo family history.
  • Correspondence from Simon Bibo to Albuquerque Lodge (March 15, 1883).
  • Correspondence in which Simon Bibo requests aid in finding a school for his children and housing in Los Angeles.
  • Marriage announcement of Solomon Bibo's daughter, Clara (July 31, 1909).
  • Ripp, Bart - "World Has Retreated From Bibo: Lifelong Resident Enjoys Quiet and Colorful Memories," The Albuquerque Tribune.
  • Gugliotta, Bobette - Katzimo, Mysterious Mesa (Dodd, Mead, and Company: New York).
  • Carson, Kit, "That 100,000 Loot In the Malpais Country!" True West.
  • Newspaper article - discusses a sixth generation Bibo in Sante Fe, Jim Bibo.
  • Stern, Norton B. "Jewish Indian Chief Simon Bibo."
  • Court cases relating to the Bibo Family (1884-1913).
  • Article - "The Promised Land," Albuquerque Journal (April 22, 1990).

Bibo, Nathan

  • Manuscript notes regarding Nathan Bibo; written by F. Fierman.
  • Nathan Bibo presents the history of the Bibo family in a series of five articles - "Reminiscences of Early New Mexico," Albuquerque Sunday Herald (June 4, June 11, June 18, July 2, and July 9, 1922).
  • Copy of professional correspondence to the Bureau of Indian Affairs from the Citizens of the Pueblo de Acoma asking the government not to revoke the trading license of Solomon Bibo, their trader (July 21, 1884).
  • Copy of United States Bill from the United States senate authorizing that the treasury pay Nathan Bibo, Sr. a said amount for the compensation of loss of property.
  • "Central Bank Signature Book Dated August 18, 1882, Will be Displayed Here," Albuquerque Journal (June 10,1956); discussion of Old Central Bank signature book found with signatures from Emil, Simon, and Solomon Bibo.
  • Copy of list of commissioned officers and date of appointment, resignation, and discharge.
  • Newspaper article on Nathan Bibo - "Pioneer, Oldest Resident in Bernalillo." Article lacks full citation. Discusses Bibo's philosophy toward American Indians (Navajo and Apache).
  • An untitled biography of the Bibo family, specifically Nathan and Solomon Bibo, written by F. Fierman.
  • Manuscript written by Nathan Bibo regarding his trip from Bernallillo to Camp Whipple in 1873.
  • Correspondence from Irving Bibo to F. Fierman regarding family genealogy (1953,1961).
  • Correspondence from archivist at State of New Mexico Office of State Records Center regarding the Bibo family.
  • Professional correspondence from Nathan Bibo to the Governor of New Mexico regarding American Indian policy.
  • Correspondence from the Indian Rights Association to Nathan Bibo responding favorably toward Bibo's American Indian policy.
  • Correspondence from Nathan Bibo to the President of the State Federation of Women Clubs (Grace Thorpe Baer) regarding American Indian education (June 7, 1925).
  • Copy of correspondence from Nathan Bibo to David Starr Jordan at Stanford University in regard to American Indians (1925).
  • Copy of correspondence from Nathan Bibo to Clara True in regard to American Indians (May 25, 1925).
  • Correspondence from Irving Bibo to F. Fierman regarding Nathan Bibo.
  • Bibo, Nathan -"Pioneer Settler Says Old Clique Governs Indians: Ancient Customs and Pagan Traditions Prevail in Pueblos Bernalillo Man Declares," Albuquerque Morning Journal.
  • Governors Papers, James F.Hinkle, State Records Center and Archives (November 5, 1923).
  • Copy of article in which Nathan Bibo addresses the state of the American Indian in New Mexico.
  • Bibo, Nathan - "Nathan Bibo Answers Article on Pueblo Indian Questions: Gives Facts Vs. Fiction," Albuquerque Herald, Albuquerque, New Mexico (August 19, 1923). Nathan Bibo addresses the Association of Women of New Mexico regarding the state of the Pueblo Indian in New Mexico.
  • Handwritten note written by Nathan Bibo (date unknown).
  • White, Leslie A. - "The Acoma Indians: Forty-Seventh Annual Report of the Bureau of Ethnology (1929-30); Washington, D.C.: United States Printing Office (pp. 23-125).
  • "Nathan Bibo and The Railroad" was written on the back of an old stove brochure (1922).
  • Article - "Setting Bibo Right" (attacks Nathan Bibo's article on the Pueblo Indian question).
  • Genealogy of the Bibo family compiled by F. Fierman.
  • Description of photos of Bibo family (taken in New Mexico).
  • Copy of "A Nathan Bibo Memoir From His 'I Am It' Notebook: Trip to Bland Mountain" (1920).

Bibo, Solomon

  • Correspondence from O. W. Holmes (Chief Archivist at the National Archives and Records Service) to F. Fierman regarding records from the Bureau of Indian Affairs (1954).
  • Notes by Mrs. Erich Spier regarding a steamship ticket, birth certificate and certificate of dismissal from the German Army all in the name of Solomon Bibo.
  • Correspondence between the United States Indian Service and the Pueblo Indian Agency regarding Solomon Bibo and trade (August 24, 1844).
  • Copy of application from Solomon Bibo for license of trade with the Pueblo Indians (December 12, 1882). There is also a bond enclosed.
  • Copy of correspondence from Pedro Sanchez (U.S. Indian Agent at the Pueblo Agency) to Commissioner of Indian Affairs, stating that Solomon Bibo desired to move his goods from Acoma to Grant's station (July 18, 1883).
  • Copy of correspondence from Martin Valle transmitting a petition signed by him and nearly every citizen of his Pueblo requesting that the trader's license issued to Solomon Bibo not be revoked. Petition enclosed (July 22, 1984).
  • Copy of application of Solomon Bibo for license to trade at the Acoma Pueblo (December 22, 1882).
  • Copy of list of documents relating to the Bibos of New Mexico (1882-1886).
  • Copy of certification of U.S. citizenship for Solomon Bibo (date unavailable).
  • Copy of miscellaneous legal documents concerning Solomon Bibo (in Spanish; 1888).
  • Bronitsky, Gordon, "Indians and Jews at Acoma: Reading Draft."
  • Correspondence between Arthur Bibo and the American Jewish Archives and Universal Jewish Encyclopedia.
  • New Mexico citation from the Universal Jewish Encyclopedia (1948).
  • Bronitsky, Gordon - "Solomon Bibo: Jew and Indian at Acoma Pueblo."
  • Rollins, Sandra Lea - "Jewish Indian Chief," Western States Jewish Historical Quarterly.
  • Martinez, Demetria - "Jewish Immigrant Was Acoma Governor: Lecture Sunday Tells How Solomon Bibo Was Elected Indian Official."
  • "Third Generation Bibo Opening New Store: New Chapter Begins in Saga of Bibos," (September 8, 1967).

Biernbaum, Henry

Blackmore, William

  • Manuscript notes from Brayer, H.O. - "William Blackmore: The Spanish Mexican Land Grants of New Mexico and Colorado 1863-1878" (1949).

Bloom, Rabbi Herbert

  • Correspondence from Leopold Meyer to William Parish (January 11, 1960).
  • Copy of correspondence from Herbert Boom to Leopold (January 4, 1960).

Blun Brothers

  • Correspondence to F. Fierman from Jerome Schloss (January 16, 1969).
  • Fierman's scribbled notes regarding the Blun brothers (1982).

B'nai B'rith

  • Copy of B'nai B'rith Cemetery Association meeting notes (March 3, 1889 to January 12, 1902).
  • Correspondence to the officers and members of Albuquerque Lodge (1885).
  • Card of withdrawal issued to David Weinman from the Joshua Lodge branch of B'nai B'rith.
  • Copy of request to a Lodge in Zanesville, Ohio (December 28, 1884).
  • Correspondence and official documents of B'nai B'rith lodges in New Mexico (1883-1898).

B'nai Shalom Havurah

  • "Taos Havurah Hosts Rabbi For Holidays," The Link (September 1996).

Bromberg, Herman

  • Obituary for Herman Bromberg (source and date unavailable).

Bronitsky, Gordon

  • Bronitsky, Gordon - "The Crypto-Jewish Question in New Mexico," The Link.
  • Bronitsky, Gordon - "Jewish/Indian Dialog in Tucson."
  • Bronitsky, Gordon - "Blacks and Jews in New Mexico," The Link.
  • Bronitsky, Gordon - "You're From Where? I Didn't Know There Were Any Jews There!," The Link.
  • Bronitsky, Gordon - Untitled, The Link.
  • Bronitsky, Gordon - "Jewish Geography-- New Mexico Style," The Link.
  • Gordon Bronitsky's resume.
  • Bronitsky, Gordon - "New Mexico's First Synagogue," The Link.
  • Bronitsky, Gordon - "Solomon Bibo: Jew and Indian at Acoma Pueblo," The Link.
  • Bronitsky, Gordon - "Like Jews, Indians Strive For Cultural Survival," The New York Jewish...
  • Bronitsky, Gordon - "Marranos, Merchants, and Indian Chiefs: Jews of the Southwest."
  • A short summary of Gordon Bronitsky's career.

Brookins, Douglas G.

  • Obituary for Douglas G. Brookins entitled "Former Temple Resident Dies" (June 1991).

Brunswick, Marcus

  • "A New Mexican In Washington," Eddy County News.

Camden De Leon, David

  • Copy of legal documents from New Mexico and the United States of America regarding a case involving Camden De Leon (1851-1872).

Carlsbad, NM

  • Article - (Sparks, J.W.) "History of the Carlsbad, New Mexico, Jewish Congregation, 1916-1989."

Cattle brands

  • Fierman's notes on cattle brands in New Mexico. Also, Appendix from "Cattle and Miners."

Celnik, Rabbi Isaac

  • Biography of Rabbi Isaac Celnik.
  • "B'nai Israel to Honor Celnik for 25 Years at Congregation" (December 1997).

Chapman, Rabbi Ed E.

  • Article - (Goldstein, Rabbi Raphael) "American Judaism in the Making" (June 22, 1923).

Citrin, Paul J.

  • Article - "State of Israel Bonds Honors Citrin" (November 1991).

Clever, Charles P. - 2f.

  • Copy of document signed by the President of the United States appointing Clever Marshal of the United States for the territory of New Mexico.
  • Article - (Fierman, F.) "The Frontier Career of Charles Clever," El Palacio.
  • Note cards which lead to references to Charles Clever.
  • F. Fierman's manuscript notes pertaining to a manuscript on Charles Clever.
  • F. Fierman's scribbled notes regarding the history of Charles Clever.
  • Copies of correspondence between General Clever and his subordinates (1863-1865). Correspondence between F. Fierman and various archives and libraries regarding information on C. Clever.
  • Article - (Turner, Virginia) "How It Started" (February 25, 1980).
  • F. Fierman's rudimentary introduction to a work entitled "C.P. Cleaver."
  • Article - (Fierman) "From Guten Tag to Buenos Dios: The New Mexico Territory Through the Eyes and Life of Charles P. Clever."
  • Copy of manuscripts from Sante Fe, New Mexico (December 31, 1859).
  • F. Fierman's appendix for a manuscript on Charles Clever.
  • F. Fierman's manuscript notes relating to Charles Clever.
  • Original handwritten manuscript entitled 'C.P. Clever' (by F. Fierman).
  • Note cards written by F. Fierman regarding Charles Clever.
  • A copy of the order warning against fraud in the payment of militia claims on the part of war veterans (in Spanish, with English translation).
  • Article - (Clever Charles P.) "New Mexico: Her Resources; Her Necessities For Railroad Communication With the Atlantic and Pacific States; Her Great Future" (Washington D.C.: McGill and Witherow, Printers and Stereotypers, 1868).
  • Original manuscript - "The New Mexico Territory: As Seen Through the Life and Eyes of C.P. Clever" (by F. Fierman).
  • Several general orders issued by Charles P. Clever from his position as Adjutant General of New Mexico (1861-1862).
  • Correspondence between Charles Clever and military officials (1861-66; in English and Spanish).
  • Several articles from The New Mexican which refer to Charles Clever (1864-1869).
  • Correspondence from the Headquarters Department of New Mexico to Charles Clever (1855).
  • Article - "Clever in A New Role" (October 21, 1868).
  • Correspondence from Attorney General of New Mexico to Charles Clever (July 9, 1864).

Cohen, Abraham

  • Article - (Zimmerman, Rebecca) "Family Gives $500,000 for JCC" (January 1995).

Cohen, Harris

  • Statement for the plaintiffs in the District Court in the county of Bernalillo, New Mexico (May 1866).
  • Court order from the District Court (April 20, 1866).
  • Statement which posits that Cohn vs. Jaroslawski Bros. was dismissed by agreement, at the cost of the plaintiffs (May 1866).
  • Transcription of court hearing for the case Jaroslawski Bros. vs Harris Cohn (1866).
  • Papers relating to the court case Jaroslawski Bros. vs Harris Cohn (1866).
  • Copy of original and transcribed copy done by F. Fierman.

Cohen, J.N.

Columbus, NM

  • Article - (McGaw, W.C.) "A Raid Is A Raid Is A Raid."
  • Reprint of March 18, 1916 newspaper (Las Cruces Citizen)
  • Article - "Today's Comment: Arthur Ravels Gives Graphic Account of a Night of Terror When Columbus Was Raided By Poncho Villa's Bandits" (Saturday, March 15, 1958).
  • Article - (Danoff, H.O.) "Indian Traders of the Southwest: The Danoffs of New Mexico."


  • Announcement of New Mexico Jewish Historical Society's Annual Conference.

Congregation Albert (Albuquerque)

  • Article - (Carmel, I.C.) "Laying of Cornerstone, Congregation Albert Synagogue By The Most Worshipful Grand Lodge Ancient Free and Accepted Masons of New Mexico" (May 13, 1978).
  • Manuscript which addresses the synagogues in New Mexico.
  • Article - "Twenty-Fifth Anniversary of Temple Albert To Be Observed This Week," (January, 14, 1923).
  • Article - "First Synagogue At Albuquerque- 1900" (October 1978).
  • Article - (Goldenstein, Raphael) "American Judaism in the Making: Story of Jewish Pioneers in the Building of New Mexico" (June 22, 1923).
  • Article - (Altheimer, Louis) "Col. Louis Altheimer, Empire Builder" (November, 20, 1919).
  • Article - "Congregation Albert Honors 90-Year Heritage" (September 12, 1987).
  • Program for the twenty-fifth anniversary of Congregation Albert (January 18-21, 1923).
  • Article - "Lost Albuquerque."
  • Correspondence from J. Barsky (Congregation Albert librarian) to M. Amado regarding a book for an exhibit of "Synagogues of the Southwest."
  • Inventory of B'nai B'rith Cemetery (1885-1958).
  • Program for Temple Albert (1951).
  • Articles which discuss the new rabbi of Congregation Albert ( Joseph R. Black) and the exit of the previous rabbi (Rabbi Paul J. Citrin).
  • Article - (Milstein, T.) "Unwrapping a Legacy," New Mexico Jewish Link (November 1996).
  • Article - "Temple to Install New Rabbi With Communitywide Service" (November 1996).
  • Article - "Annual Book Fair to Feature Author, Historical Slide Show" (November 1996).
  • Letter inviting Melissa Amado to the dedication of a historical marker at Congregation Albert.
  • Article about Congregation Albert's centennial celebration, with photographs.

Congregation B'nai Israel (Albuquerque)

  • Correspondence between M. Amado and Congregation B'nai Israel.
  • Article - (Milstein, T.) "Day School Opens With 23 Students" (September 1996).
  • Pamphlet - "In Dedication To Fifty Years of B'nai Israel Sisterhood."

Congregation Chabad of New Mexico (Albuquerque and Santa Fe)

  • Invitation for the Bar Mitzvah of Aaron Aviaz Chaves.
  • (Congregation) Chabad of Santa Fe.

Congregation Mishkan Shalom (Roswell)

  • Provides background and goals of this new congregation.

Congregation Montefiore (East Las Vegas)

  • Pamphlet - "A Preliminary Checklist of American Jewish Institutions and Organizations Named In Honor of Sir Moses Montefiore."
  • Original copy of Congregation Montefiore's appeal for aid to build a temple (1886).
  • Original copy of the agreement of thirty one people to donate to the purchase of land for Congregation Montefiore.
  • Copy of correspondence from J. Raisin to M. (February 3, 1911).

Danoff family

  • Interview with Isadore Danoff (June 17, 1988).
  • Obituaries (2) for Sam J. Danoff (April 1973).
  • Article - (Schwartz, Henry) "Jews of the West: Sam Danoff" (July 9, 1987).
  • Manuscript by Robert Danoff; Biography of Sam Danoff.
  • Article - "Mrs. Rose Danoff Funeral Monday" (November 11, 1956).
  • Cattle brands; includes actual cattle brand and family name.
  • Danoff, Hyman O. -"The Traders of the Southwest: The Danoffs of New Mexico" (July 1980).
  • Biographical Sketch of Sidney Danoff (March 1992).
  • Interview with Bertha Danoff (April 6, 1993).
  • Article - Peterson, Art, "County's RTA Man Sydney Danoff Retires"

Danoff, Sam

  • Fierman's interview with Sam Danoff (November 25, 1970), type and manuscript format.
  • Fierman's interview with Hy Danoff (February 13,1978).
  • Brief, handwritten biography of Isaac Barth (born 1876).
  • Fierman's manuscript notes concerning the Danoff family (November 27, 1975).
  • Biographical manuscript of Sam Danoff (title and author unknown); includes notes.
  • Citation for two sources from the American Jewish Archives on Sam Danoff.
  • Official United States document appointing Sam Danoff Postmaster at Danoffville, New Mexico (April 1923).
  • List of cattle brands.
  • Article - "Sam Danoff-Southwestern Fiddler on the Roof," The Gallop NM Independent (August 9, 1972).
  • Biography of Sam Danoff (includes photographs).
  • Article - "Sam Danoff Well Known By Indians In Gallop Area," The Albuquerque Tribune.
  • Correspondence from the National Archives to Fierman about Sam Danoff.
  • Map of the Navajo and Hopi Indian reservations.
  • Copy of the twenty-fifth wedding anniversary invitation of Rose and Sam Danoff (1939).
  • Copy of the obituary for Rose Danoff (date unknown); and a copy of a reference to Sam Danoff and his new wife in the Gallop Independent (date unknown).
  • United States Indian Service documents concerning Sam Danoff's application for a trader's license (1914-1915; from the National Archives).

Deming, NM

  • Book excerpt - (Hunter, M. J.) "The Story of Lottie Deno: Her Life and Times."

Deno, Lottie

  • "The Filming of 'Lottie Deno;'" includes biography of Lottie Deno.
  • McGaw, W.C. - "Was it Kosher What Lottie Did?," Southwest Saga (biography of Lottie Deno [born April 21, 1844]).
  • Correspondence from Cynthia Rose to Abe Chanin (June 11, 1991) regarding the history of Deno Lottie.

Dittenhoefer, Abe ("Navajo Sam")

  • Copy of correspondence from Florence Dittendorfer Wolf to Rabbi Marcus regarding the Dittendorfer family. Also reference to her mother's family who remained in New York (April 1, 1961).
  • Copy of a brief biography of Samuel Dittendorfer (author unknown) from the Bancroft Library, University of California-Berkley.
  • Biography of "Navajo Sam" (Sam Dittendorfer) - discussion of his journey west and his interaction with the American Indians; from the American Jewish Archives (Cincinnati, Ohio).
  • Copy of manuscript which tells a story of Billy the Kid and "Navajo Sam" (Samuel Dittendorfer); from Flora Spiegelberg - "Billy the Kid, The Cowboy Outlaw."
  • Last two pages of a manuscript entitled "Heroes and Heroines." References to Josephine Sarah Marcus and Abe Dittendorfer; appears to be lecture notes.

Eckstein, Sam


  • Reference to Eichwald in "American Judaism in the Making," (Rabbi Raphael Goldenstein), The American Hebrew, 22 (June 1923).

"El Agricultor Moderno"

  • Four pages from the Thursday March 23, 1916 El Agricultor Moderno; significant for the advertisements. This is said to be the only New Mexican newspaper with interest in agriculture and the raising of cattle. Also includes advertisements for Bernalillo Mercantile Company.


  • Rabbi Raphael Goldenstein - "American Judaism in the Making," The American Hebrew, 22 (June 1923); refers to Eldot and Fleischer.

Elsberg, Gustav

  • "The Promised Land," Albuquerque Journal, Section D, p.1, 3 (April 22, 1990; refers to Gustan Elsberg and Sol Floersheim).

Elsberg and Amberg, Emil

  • Copy of correspondence from the Historical Society of New Mexico to Henry Woodruff (State Museum Curator). Refers to a couple of checks and a postcard which indicate correspondence between Elsberg and Amberg. A copy of the checks and the post card is included (April 18, 1924).
  • Copy of correspondence from the Historical Society of New Mexico to Emil Amberg regarding information on Amberg and Elsberg.
  • Three very small photographs; two watercolors for Jacob Amberg (1864) and Elsberg and Amberg's train coming into Sante Fe in October 1861.

Felsenthal, Louis

  • Article - "A Western Picture Parade," Western States Jewish Historical Quarterly, vol. XI, no.1 (October 1978; contains brief note on Captain Louis Felsenthal and photograph).
  • Copy of records from the court proceedings in Sante Fe, New Mexico; Louis Felsenthal (plaintiff) vs. W.S. Fletcher (defendant); includes affidavits, transcripts, and bonds (1890-1891).


Floersheim family

  • Floersheim family tree.
  • Fierman, F. - "The Floersheims," Guts and Ruts (Ktav Publishing House, 1985); chapter on the Floersheim family-- specifically Sol Floersheim (copy and original manuscript).
  • "Springer, New Mexico" - manuscript written by Carl Floersheim; discussion of Floersheim family; intensive concentration on the life of Sol Floersheim (January 1, 1959).

BOX 2 New Mexico

Floersheim, Sol

  • Biography of Sol Floersheim by Fierman - "Sol Floersheim: Jewish Rancher and Merchant in Northern New Mexico," Western States Jewish Historical Quarterly; vol. XIV, no.4 (July, 1982).
  • Biography of Sol Floersheim by Fierman - "Sol Floersheim: New Mexico Rancher."
  • Fierman's manuscript notes regarding Sol Floersheim.
  • Correspondence from Irma Floersheim to Fierman concerning the Floersheim family.
  • Floersheim genealogy and scrapbook; organized by Fierman.
  • Biography of Sol Floersheim by Fierman - "The Floersheims: The Story of a Ranching Jewish Family in Northern New Mexico."
  • Correspondence from Abraham Shinedling to Jacob Marcus (Director of American Jewish Archives; November 26, 1957; includes a Description of the mercantile records of the Floersheim Mercantile Company; 1910 to 1947).
  • Correspondence from Irma Floersheim to Rabbi Fierman in response to questions asked by Fierman (January 15, 1979; includes original and transcribed copy).
  • Correspondence from Irma Floersheim to Rabbi Fierman (includes layout of Irma Floersheim's home).
  • Correspondence from Fierman to Irma Floersheim (questions regarding the Floersheim family; May 17, 1978).
  • Correspondence from the Western States Jewish Historical Quarterly to Fierman regarding his research on the Floersheim family (1982).
  • Copy of a page of the Floersheim receipt book (1921).
  • Article - "I Couldn't Make It Without Them, " The Grain Producers ; APUBCO: Amarillo, Texas (July 1974; Description of the Jaritas Ranch, contemporary overview and historical background).
  • Copy of warrantee deed from Solomon Floersheim to the Chico Springs Sanitorium Company (December 30, 1903).
  • Copy of judicial District Court document which includes fees for court proceedings. The case involves Solomon Floersheim vs. Guarantee Trust Company, Chico Springs Ranch, and Resort Company (1901).
  • Copy of notes from the annual meeting of the stockholders of Floersheim Mercantile Company (January 26, 1921).
  • Copy of stock ledger of the Floersheim Company (1919-1920).
  • Copy of business and inventory papers from the Floersheim Mercantile Company.
  • Inventory of the archive file "Floersheim Mercantile Company Business Records: 1899-1969."
  • American Jewish Archives questionnaire on Carl Floersheim (October 27, 1958).
  • Book excerpt - The Roy Story (by F. Stanley). Includes notes from F. Fierman.
  • Copy of the deed from the Floersheim Papers at the University of New Mexico Library (September 6, 1897).
  • Article -"Pioneer Springer Concern Observes Their Golden Anniversary" (December 4, 1947).
  • Transcript of conversation between F. Fierman and A. Floersheim (September 18, 1978).
  • Handwritten version of telephone conversation between F. Fierman and Don Floersheim.
  • Handwritten copy of "Floersheim Store To Close: An Era Ends in Roy" (April 27, 1968).

Fort Griffin, NM

  • Book excerpt - "The Story of Lottie Deno: Her Life and Times," by J. Marvin Hunter.

Frank, Ann

Frankel, E.

Franzblau, Abraham

Freudenthal, Carmen

  • Article - (Bordonaro, Deborah) "Activist Leaves Behind An Important Legacy" (July 18, 1991).
  • Autobiography of Carmen Freudenthal.

Freudenthal Club Bulletin

  • Copies of the "Freudenthal Club Bulletin".

Freudenthal family

  • Correspondence from W.J. Parish to L.E. Freudenthal (March 8, 1960).
  • Correspondence from L.E. Freudenthal about the Freudenthal family (August 25, 1953).
  • Index to the Freudenthal Family Papers (1837-1975). Rio Grande Historical Collections NMSU Library.

Freudenthal genealogy

  • Genealogy of the Freudenthal family (1786-1951).

Freudenthal, Rabbi Leopold

  • Book Excerpt - (Rochlin, Harry) Pioneer Jews. (Houghton Mifflin: Boston; 1984).
  • Article - (Goldenstein, R.) "American Judaism in the Making" (June 1923).

Freudenthal, Louis

  • Correspondence from Carmen Freudenthal to F. Fierman (July 1971).
  • Obituary of Louis Freudenthal.
  • Manuscript by Louis Freudenthal on the history of his life.

Freudenthal, Morris

  • Article - (Freudenthal, Louis E.) "The Don Bernardo Hotel: A Short Story" (June 1967).
  • Copy of receipts and correspondence from L.B. Freudenthal and Company (1891).
  • Copy of correspondence to L.B. Freudenthal and Company (1891-1894).

Freudenthal, Phoebus

  • Copy of the biography of Phoebus Freudenthal.

Freudenthal, Samuel

  • Correspondence from Fannie Freudenthal to F. Fierman (August 8, 1964).
  • Copy of obituary for Samuel Fruedenthal (November, 22, 1939).
  • Correspondence from Walter Freudenthal to F. Fierman (October 18, 1965).
  • Autobiography of Samuel J. Freudenthal (1863-1939).

Freudenthal, Dr. Wolff

  • Untitled article written for the Jewish Daily Forward.

Frey, Rabbi Sigmund

  • Article - (Axe, Ruth Frey) "Dr. Sigmund Frey, Third Rabbi of Montefiore Congregation of Las Vegas, New Mexico, 1889 and 1890."

Friedman, Rabbi William S.

  • Article - (Goldenstein, R.) "American Judaism in the Making" (June 1923).

"G" surnames, various: Gold, Gould, Gudsorf, Grunfield

  • Copies of card catalog references in New Mexico State Records and Archives.

Gildersleeve and Knaebel

  • Copy of Gildersleeve and Knaebel sales receipts (1875-1881).

Gold, Louis - 2f.

  • Copy of legal documents concerning the case of the Territory of New Mexico vs. Louis Gold (1871).
  • Copy of the Census of 1870 - New Mexico Territory, Sante Fe County, Sante Fe Precinct #4.
  • Copy of one page of the Records of the Territorial Auditor (August 13, 1867).
  • Article - "Society Minutes, 1859-1863," New Mexico Historical Review.
  • Court papers from the New Mexico Territorial Supreme Court: United States vs. A. Gold (1871).
  • Article - Brief history of Moses Aaron Gold (January 6, 1881).
  • Copy of New Mexico Territorial Supreme Court records: United States vs. M.A. Gold (1872). Copy of miscellaneous court documents (1857-1864).
  • Copy of 28th Legislative Assembly (December 31, 1888- February 28, 1889; in Spanish).
  • Copy of two handwritten pages (in Spanish) - Marriages in Sante Fe (1883).
  • Copy of documents -"Council Journal" (January 26, 1887), "Executive Office" (February 19, 1896).
  • Copy of "Indirect Index to Deeds--Santa Fe, New Mexico" (1881-1905).
  • Copy of "Territorial Auditors' License Records re: Gold Family" (1883-1894).
  • Copy of an adjustment of the account of the county clerk and tax collector for Santa Fe county (March 18 to July 1, 1859).
  • Manuscript notes written by F. Fierman about Louis Gold.
  • Copy of card catalog references - New Mexico State Records Center and Archives.
  • Manuscript - "Termino de Julio- 1858."
  • Correspondence from the archivist at the State of New Mexico State Records Center and Archives to F. Fierman (September 29, 1987).
  • Correspondence from the archivist at the State of New Mexico State Records Center and Archives to A. Davis (February 8, 1967).
  • Original correspondence from A. Davis to F. Fierman (February 15, 1967).
  • Correspondence to F. Fierman regarding the Gold family. Only pages two and three available.
  • Correspondence to F. Fierman from A. Davis (November 28, 1965).
  • Correspondence between A. Davis and Dorothy (last name unknown; January 24, 1966; also copy of a card from Gold's General Store; March 24, 1901).
  • Correspondence from the archivist at the State of New Mexico State Records Center and Archives to F. Fierman (April 3, 1967).
  • Several correspondences from A. Davis to F. Fierman concerning the Gold family (1965).

Goldberg, Samuel

  • Article - (Goldenstein, R.) "American Judaism in the Making" (June 1923).
  • Original correspondence from the archivist at the State of New Mexico State Records Center and Archives to F. Fierman (February 28, 1978).
  • "Make Good Soldiers" from the Sharlot Hall Scrapbook (Prescott, Arizona).

Goldenstein, Rabbi Raphael

  • Article - (Goldenstein, R.) "American Judaism in the Making" (June 1923).

Goodman, Manny

  • Article - (Conaway, J.) "Old Town Trader Hitched His Wagon to a Star" (August 16, 1987).

Gottlieb, Rabbi Lynn

Article - (Libman, N.) "Resistance, Reconstruction and a Rabbi: Gottlieb Celebrates 25th Year at the Pulpit" (September, 1997).

"Great River: The Rio Grande in North American History" (Paul Horgan)

  • Partial copy of "Great River- The Rio Grande in North American History."
  • Partial copy of "A History of the Jews in New Mexico" (by Henry Tobias), University of New Mexico Press: Albuquerque.
  • Partial copy from "New Mexico Place Names: A Geographical Dictionary" (edited by T.M. Pierce; University of New Mexico Press).

Greenberg, Rabbi Dr. William H.

  • Article - (Goldenstein, R.) "American Judaism in the Making" (June 1923).

Grunsfeld, Albert

  • Copy of legal documents regarding the case of the Territory of New Mexico vs A. Grunsfeld (1877-1878).
  • Copy of legal documents describing the case of the Grunsfeld Brothers vs D.R. Brownell (1904).
  • Copy of obituary for Albert Grunsfeld (December 3, 1893).
  • Copy of the notification of the death of Albert Grunsfeld (April 6, 1921).

Grunsfeld, Alfred

Article - (Godenstein, Rabbi Raphael) "American Judaism in the Making" (June 1923).

Gusdorf family - 2f.

  • Copy of card catalog reference entitled "Gusdorf Brothers- Papers" - American Jewish Archives.
  • Inventory of notes receivable (1917-1918).
  • F. Fierman's notes on the Gusdorf family.
  • Scribbled calculations from the Office of Gusdorf Bros. (April 2, 189-).
  • Copy of correspondence to Francis Wilson from Margaret Hale (June 22, 1923).
  • Copy of the power of attorney documentation from Alexander Gusdorf (June 20, 1923).
  • Copy of contract between Alexander Gusdorf and Ralph Pearson (September 7, 1918).
  • Copy of correspondence to and from Francis Wilson (1923).
  • Copy of declaration of court proceedings: the State of New Mexico and Gerson Gusdorf vs. the unknown heirs of Lucien B. Maxwell, Guillermo Trujillo, Jose Dolores Quisnel, Desideria Pacheco de Barron, Donaciano Quisnel, Teresita S. de Quisnel, Minnie Quisnel de Trujillo, and all other unknown claimants.
  • Copy of the final judgment of the District Court, County of Taos, Territory of New Mexico in the case of Adair vs Baell (February 5, 1902).
  • Copy of the certification of the death of J.Gistdorf (sic) (July 8, 1891).
  • Copy of a statement by the administrator of Joseph Gusdorf's will (in Spanish; July 13, 1891).
  • Legal documents pertaining to the will of Joseph Gusdorf (July 1891).
  • Article - "Pioneer Taos Women Rap Council on Car Meter Plan" (July 19, 1959).
  • Article - "From Immigrant Bride to Bank President: Mrs. Bertha Gusdorf," by J. A. Burns (October 17, 1991).
  • Legal document stating that Alexander Gusdorf turn all of his real estate, personal property, credits, and effects to exonerate his debts (January 19, 1898).
  • Article - (James, Rebecca Salsbury) "Gerson Gusdorf: The Business Man With the Taste of An Artist" (March 15, 1951).
  • Biography of Gerson Gusdorf (1869-1951).
  • Manuscript - "Alexander Gusdorf."
  • Biography of Gerson Gusdorf.
  • Gusdrof Ledgers from Taos, New Mexico (1896-1918).
  • Original manuscript entitled "Sadok Staab and Alexander Gusdorf," written by F. Fierman.
  • Card catalog references to the Gusdorf family.
  • .Copy of part of the ledger "B" of Gusdorf Brothers (January 1, 1894).
  • Biographies of Gerson and Alexander Gusdorf.
  • Copy of merchant correspondence all signed by Alexander Gusdorf (1903).

Havura Ivrim Congregation (La Jara)

  • Correspondence from Gershon Winkler to Melissa Amado (January 29, 1995).
  • Correspondence from Melissa Amado to Gershon Winkler in response to a previous letter (February 15, 1995).

Helman, Rabbi Leonard A.

  • Article - (Zimmerman, Rebecca) "Rabbi Helman Leaving Santa Fe" (June 1991).

Heritage of New Mexico

  • Newsletter which deals with New Mexico's heritage.

Hersch family

  • Correspondence to F. Fierman from State of New Mexico State Records Center and Archives (December 29, 1977).
  • Correspondence from Herminia Gonzales to F. Fierman (October 25, 1973).
  • Notes written by F. Fierman with regard to Joseph Hersch.
  • Copy of section of deed records from Sante Fe County.
  • Copy of several pages of the Indirect Index to Deeds (Sante Fe County, New Mexico; 1848-1934).

Herz, Cary

  • Article - "A Photographer's Crypto-Jew Work Gets California Audience" (March, 1997).

Herzstein family

  • Article - "The Promised Land" (April 22, 1990).

Hiat, Alice

  • Newspaper article discusses Alice Hiat's Jewish art.


  • Articles which discusses Holocaust memorials.

Humanistic Judaism (in Albuquerque)

  • Article - (Milstein, T.) "Humanist Jews to Form A Local Congregation."

Ilfeld family

  • Genealogy of the Ilfeld family (1780-1965); compiled September 20, 1971 by Max Ilfeld.
  • Copy of advertisement for Ilfeld's Council Cigars.
  • Copy of advertisement from Ilfeld and Company (New Mexico, May 17, 1884).
  • Article - "Brief Biographical Notes on Herman Ilfeld Bacharach February 1983," by Diane G.Stein.
  • Notes written by F. Fierman in regard to the Ilfeld family.
  • Unidentified inventory of the William C. Ilfeld Collection.
  • Article - "Seventy Years of Progress: Founding and Development of Charles Ilfeld Company 1865-1935" (July 25, 1935).
  • Copy of the Ilfeld inventory of the University of New Mexico; with correspondence from Barron Oder to F. Fierman.
  • Inventories of the Ilfeld Company.
  • Inventory list of the W.C. Ilfeld Film Collection (February 6, 1973).
  • Correspondence from Frederic Ilfeld to F. Fierman (February 4, 1964).
  • Correspondence from Mrs. Samuel W. Adleman to F. Fierman (January 14, 1983).
  • Obituary for Louis Ilfeld (March 30, 1950).
  • Obituary for Bertha R. Ilfeld (November 12, 1992).
  • Article - (O'Grady, J.) "The Pioneer Ilfelds- Working Hard, Long, and Smart," (October 1982).
  • Correspondence from Melissa Amado to Frederick Ilfeld.
  • Article - "The Promised Land" (April 1990).
  • Correspondence between Jacob Marcus and Louis C. Ilfeld (April 14, 1944 and May 17, 1948).
  • Article - "First Goods for the Charles Ilfeld Co. Carried to Las Vegas on 75 Burros," by Arch Napier.
  • Biographical information on the Ilfeld family.
  • Article - "First Goods For the Charles Ilfeld Co. Carried To Las Vegas on 75 Burros" (by Arch Napier).

Ilfeld, Louis

  • Article - "Charles Ilfeld's Story is History of New Mexico."
  • Article - Meyer, Beatrice Ilfeld, "Don Luis Ilfeld"(1973).

Ilfeld, Ludwig

Article - (Hawkins, Leona) "Subsequent Voyage: April 21, 1874-May 29, 1960."

  • Oral history of Ludwig William Ilfeld.
  • Copies of several photographs.
  • Obituary for Ludwig W. Ilfeld (April 31, 1960).
  • Correspondence from Holly Smith (University of Arizona) to Frederick Ilfeld (July 8, 1995).
  • Correspondence from Fredric Ilfeld to Abraham Chanin (September 15, 1993).
  • Article -"Fire Company 100 Years Old," by Mick Nickel (May 16, 1982).

Jacobs, Rabbi Pizer

  • Article - (Goldenstein, R.) "American Judaism in the Making" (June 1923).

Jaffa family -2f.

  • Court papers concerning cases against Benjamin Arthur Jaffa (1931).
  • Article - (Goldenstein, R.) "American Judaism in the Making" (June 1923).
  • Book excerpt - (Simons, Marc) Albuquerque: A Narrative History (University of New Mexico Press, 1982).
  • Copy of the report of the meeting of creditors of Jaffa Prager and Company (September 26, 1921).
  • Book excerpt - (Fleming, E. E. and M. J. Hoffman, ed.) Round up on the Pecos (1978).
  • Correspondence from the archivist at the Chaves County Historical Society to F. Fierman (October 21, 1985).
  • Correspondence from Hebrew Union College to Rabbi Marcus (October 31, 1984).
  • Genealogy of the Jaffa family compiled by Lou R. Strauss.
  • Correspondence from Nathan Jaffa to El Capitan Livestock Company (December 28, 1908).
  • Correspondence from Lou R. Strauss to Rabbi F. Fierman (1983).
  • Notes on the Jaffa family written by F. Fierman.
  • Genealogy of the Philip L. Strauss branch of the Rosenwald family tree.
  • Article - "The Pecos Valley Development Number of the Roswell Evening News."
  • Correspondence from the archivist at the Chaves County Historical Society, Inc. to F. Fierman (June 8, 1985).
  • Article - "Recognize Work of David Weinman at Cemetery."
  • Copy of obituaries for Nathan Jaffa.
  • Brief biography of Joseph H. Jaffa.
  • Articles which include discussion of several Masonic orders. Reference to Nathan Jaffa.
  • Copy of a list of life members of the Elks Club. Nathan Jaffa is listed.
  • Copy of lists of several committees and their members for the New Mexico Bankers Association (1924).
  • Copy of the resources and liabilities inventory of the Bank of Commerce of Roswell, New Mexico (April 3, 1923).
  • Copy of correspondence from Nathan Jaffa to J.F. Hinkly (May 30, 1891).
  • Copy of the inventory of papers and photographs of Dr. Adele S. Jaffa.
  • Copy of correspondence from Arthur to Joe in regard to a deed (July 26, 1921).
  • Correspondence from the archivist at Chaves County Historical Museum to F. Fierman (May 28, 1985).
  • Several deeds of trust and quit claim deeds issued to members of the Jaffa family (1890's).
  • Contract between L. Freudenthal and Leonora Jaffa (signed March 24, 1899).
  • Inventories for the White House Mercantile Co.
  • Inventory and correspondences from the Simon Sanders and Co. (1877-1878).
  • Correspondence from S. Gregory and Son to J. Jaffa (January 3, 1917).
  • Last Will and Testament of Leonora Jaffa (November 6, 1898).
  • Legal contracts and papers dealing with the purchase of land.
  • Article with discussion of Congregation Aaron.
  • Obituary for Sol H. Jaffa (December 1, 1941).
  • Two obituaries for Sol H. Jaffa.
  • Obituary for Dr. Perry Jaffa.
  • Article - "Notice of Hearing of Petition to Sell Real Estate" (August 9, 1921).
  • Receipt for payment received by the Jaffa Brothers (1894).
  • Article - "Arthur Prager Paid Tribute For Service" (September 1965).

Jaffa, Henry

  • Article - "A New Mexican In Washington" (June 11, 1959).

Jewish Artists

Article - (Milstein, T.)"Gallery to Host Sukkot Show" (September 1996).

Jewish Community Center (Albuquerque)

  • Article - (Milstein, T.) "Public Talk Resumes About Albuquerque JCC" (February 1997).

Jewish Family Service (Albuquerque)

  • Article - (Milstein, T.) "JFS Forming Chevra Kaddisha To Provide Burial Rituals" (September 1996).

Jewish Federation (Albuquerque)

  • Three articles discussing fundraising for a new Jewish Community Center in Albuquerque (1995).
  • Article provides discussion of the improved Jewish Family Services.
  • Pamphlet with information on Jewish Family Services.
  • Article - (Milstein, T.) "JFGA To Unveil Memorial Plan, Music" (November 1996).
  • Article - (Milstein, T.) "JFGA Begins CJF Pilot Project To Create Endowment Program" (November 1996).
  • Article - (Milstein, T.) "Music Travels Almost 60 Years For Premiere" (November 1996).
  • Article - (Milstein, T.) "JCC Has Long History in Albuquerque" (March, 1997).
  • Article - (Neumann, Cora) "A Documentary to Uncover Jewish New Mexico" (July/August, 1997).
  • Article - (Milstein, T.) "A Memorial Controversy Prompts Public Meeting" (September, 1997).
  • Two articles about the proposed Holocaust memorial and the controversy surrounding it.
  • Article - (Milstein, T.) "A Board Decision Made, Strong Feelings Still Exist" (November, 1997).
  • Article - "A Retreat Offers Jewish Leaders Chance to Open Dialogue" by C. Newmann (November, 1997).

Jews of New Mexico

  • Article - (Goldenstein, R.) "American Judaism in the Making" (June 22, 1923).
  • Article - "Carving Out an Identity in the Land of 'Anglos'" (November 1, 1989).
  • Article - (Parish, William J.) "The German Jew and the Commercial Revolution in Territorial New Mexico (University of New Mexico, Sixth Annual Research Lecture; May 1, 1959).
  • Article excerpt - "The German Jew," New Mexico Historical Review.
  • Handwritten notes on Alexander William Doniphan written by F. Fierman.
  • Original, handwritten statistics of population, marriage, birth, traders, and merchants in New Mexico, 1845-1900.

Kahn, Gustav

  • Kahn, Gustav - "Gustav Kahn and the Kahn Family: Memoirs of Gustav Kahn, of Santa Fe, New Mexico; Recollections of a New Mexico Merchant" (Santa Fe, New Mexico; 1964).

Klein family

  • Resume of Howard Klein (Las Cruces, New Mexico).
  • Handwritten biographies on the family history of Bernise and Howard Klein (October 12, 1991).

Klein, Rabbi Joseph

  • Article - (Dickinson, LaVerne) "The Lone Rabbi of Las Cruces" (November 2, 1982).

Klein, Sam

  • Obituary for Samuel Klein (1952).

Krohn, Rabbi A.Lincoln

  • Correspondence from F.M. to A.L. Krohn (September 27, 1938).
  • Copy of correspondence from Krohn to the Albuquerque Public Library (November 30 1938).
  • Copy of correspondence from A.L. Krohn to Mr. Shaffer (November 29, 1938).
  • Copy of correspondences from the U.S. senate to A.L. Krohn (1937-1938).
  • Copy of correspondence from A.L. Krohn to Dr. Wise (January 13, 1938).
  • Correspondence from A.L. Krohn to Seigfried Seligman (December 18, 1937).
  • Correspondence from Krohn to the members of the Middle Rio Grande Joint Farmers Committee (December 39, 1937).
  • Correspondence from Krohn to Dr. Wise (December 17, 1937).
  • Correspondence from Emil Schram to A.L. Krohn (September 17, 1938).
  • A prayer which discusses Roosevelt, the New Deal, and farmers (author and source unknown).

Laguna, NM

  • Interview with Wallace Gunn (September 24, 1989).

Las Cruces, NM

  • Selections from the Dona Ana County Outsize Record Books Inventory, and Dona Ana County District Court Records (1981).
  • A page from the newspaper The Border (Thursday, April 13, 1871).
  • Several pages from the newspaper The Border (Thursday April 6, 1871).
  • Article - (Morris, Joan) "The Real Matriarch of the Mesilla" (May 10, 1988).
  • F. Fierman's notes on business and real estate in Las Cruces and Dona Ana.
  • Pamphlet - "Stahmann Farms, Inc. Las Cruces, New Mexico, Diversified Farming."

Laski, Reverend Samuel M.

  • Article - "Reluctant Pilgrims," New Mexico Magazines (October 1982).

Las Vegas, NM

  • Brochures on Las Vegas
  • Article - (Kramer, W. M.) "My Shtetele California."
  • Article - (Martinez, Demetria) "Heritage of Jews Marked in Stone" (February 21, 1987).
  • Brochure - "Stones of Remembrance: The Historic Jewish Cemetery in Las Vegas, New Mexico" (New Mexico Jewish Historical Society).

Latz, Benjamin

  • Copy of correspondence from J. Latz to Rabbi A. Shinedling (September 30, 1966 and June 30, 1967).
  • Copy of document which states the honorable discharge of B. Latz from the army (June 22, 1847).
  • Original correspondences from J. Latz to F. Fierman in regard to information on Benjamin Latz (October 12, 1964 and January 15, 1965).
  • Copy of document and correspondence in regard to Benjamin Latz's claim to Bounty Land (June 23, 1847 and January 29, 1852).
  • Article excerpt - "History of Stanislaus County" (George Tinkham; 1921).
  • Copy of correspondence from J. Latz to Rabbi J, Marcus (April 9, 1970).
  • Copy of correspondence from Robert Levinson to J. Latz (June 12, 1967).
  • Correspondence from the San Francisco Civic Center to J. Latz (March 9, 1966).
  • Genealogy of burials of the Latz family (compiled by Jacob Latz).
  • Correspondence from Jacob Latz to Rabbi Marcus (September 8, 1968).
  • Copy of the Affidavit of Identity from the State of Louisiana for Benjamin Latz (June 4, 1847).
  • Copies of legal documents and correspondence concerning Benjamin Latz's application for a land warrant certificate (1850-52).
  • Legal document concerning Benjamin Latz' s service in the Mexican War.

Leitensdorfer, John

  • Article - "The Remarkable Life and Adventures of John Eugene Leitensdorfer."
  • F. Fierman's notes on the Leitensdorfer family.
  • Article - (Taylor, Morris F.) "The Leitensdorfer Claim in the Vigil and St. Vrain Grant" (1980).
  • Manuscript notes from a manuscript dealing with the Leitensdorfer family.

Lesinsky, Henry

  • Article - "A New Mexican In Washington" (June 11, 1959).

Levenson, Fannie and Sherman

  • Outline of an interview with Fanny and Sherman Levenson (December 7, 1989).

Levy, NM

  • F. Fierman's notes on Levy, New Mexico (one page).

Lindauer, Herman

  • Obituary for Herman Lindauer (December 1968).

Lindauer, Sigmund

  • Manuscript by F. Fierman - "Lindauer Family."
  • Article (Inmon, Thelma) "Early Luna Politics Still Worth a Mention" (April 8, 1980).
  • Article - "Land of Early History Donated to Boy Scouts."
  • Article - "Deming's Founders Planned to Make it 'New Chicago'" (November 8, 1938).
  • Original correspondence from Herman Lindauer to F. Fierman (January 3, 1951).
  • Article excerpt - "Ghosts Walk in Georgetown" (March 1935).
  • Article excerpt - "Old Man Lindauer" (March 28, 1935).
  • Article "S. Lindauer" (1901).
  • Brief biography of Sigmund Lindauer, with photograph.
  • Copy of photograph of Sigmund Lindauer.

Loewenstein, Benjamin

  • Goldenstein, R. - "American Judaism in the Making" (June 1923).

Loewenstein and Strousse

  • Correspondence from Sidney Loewenstein to William J. Parish (February 27, 1962).
  • Correspondence from Sidney Loewenstein to the president of University of New Mexico (February 19, 1962).
  • F. Fierman's notes which list some of the inventory of the State Records Center and Archives on Correspondence from Arthur Obermayer to William Parish (May 18, 1963; includes response).
  • Copy of inventories from the Loewenstein and Strousse Company (Mora, New Mexico).

Los Alamos, NM

  • Article - (Sperling, Paul) "Jews of Early Los Alamos A Memoir" (July 1986).


  • Article - (Goldenstein, R.) "American Judaism in the Making" (June 1923).

BOX 3 New Mexico

Mandell, Michael

  • Correspondence from Gladys Mandell Epstein to E.F. Castetter.

Marx, Cantor Jacqueline

  • "A Cantor Joins Albuquerque Congregation in its Love Song" (by C. Neumann; November, 1997).

Mashbir, Frieda

  • Article - "Reminiscences of Frieda Freudenthal Mashbir" (F. Fierman).
  • Autobiography of Frieda Mashbir (July 7, 1925).

Mayer, Henry

  • Biography of Henry Mayer.

Meyer, Jacob

  • Obituary for Jacob Meyer (December 12, 1990).

Meyers, Ernest

  • Article - (Goldenstein, R.) "American Judaism in the Making" (June 1923).

Mills, Rabbi Steve

  • Article - "Link Cartoonist First in Nation" (September, 1997).

Moise family

  • Resolution of the respect upon the death of Columbus Moise.
  • Copy of application for a license to sell merchandise (August 31, 1903). Requested by J.J. Moise.
  • Biography of Julius J. Moise.
  • Correspondence from the archivist at the State Records Center and Archives in New Mexico to F. Fierman concerning information of Julius and Sigmund Moise (June 5, 1980).
  • Article - "The Promised Land," Albuquerque Journal (April 22, 1990).

Mora, NM

  • F. Fierman's notes from the 1880 Mora census population schedules (written on note cards).
  • Copy of correspondence from Ken Wells to Rabbi Malcolm Stern (May 9, 1959).
  • A page of notes on Mora, New Mexico written by F. Fierman.
  • Correspondence from Henry Ballin to Dr. Marcus (November, 1, 1951).
  • Copy of court papers for the case of the Loewenstein Strousse and Company vs. the County of Mora (1894).
  • Correspondence from Leon Obermayer to F. Fierman concerning Obermayer's family history (October 25, 1965).
  • Original correspondence from Rosa Weiscopf to F. Fierman (October 6, 1950).
  • Copy of correspondence from F. Fierman to the county clerk of Mora County New Mexico (September 19, 1980).

Nahm family

  • Advertisement for Milton Nahm's book entitled Las Vegas and Uncle Joe: The New Mexico I Remember.
  • Article - "A New Mexican in Washington" (June 11, 1959).
  • Correspondence from Ruth and Milton Nahm to F. Fierman (1950, 1961, and 1965).

New Mexico Acoma Pueblo

  • Copy of court records from the case Pueblo of Acoma vs. Juan Pedro Garbisu (1854).
  • Correspondence from the archivist at the State Records Center and Archives in New Mexico to F. Fierman with regard to information on the case of the Pueblo of Acoma vs. Juan Pedro Garbisu (May 27, 1988).
  • F. Fierman's attempt to translate the court records from the case of the Pueblo of Acoma vs. Juan Pedro Garbisu.

New Mexico (annual report, 1865)

  • Transcription of the annual report of the territorial secretary (Hervisurpicy).

New Mexico (business directory)

  • Court papers referring to the case of Joseph A. Gonzales and Joyce Gonzales vs. four groups of defendants (August 1983).
  • Selected pages from the New Mexico State Business Directory (1920).

New Mexico (census)

  • F. Fierman's notes taken from the 1850-1872 New Mexico census.

New Mexico (government)

  • List of Spanish and Mexican governors and captain-generals of New Mexico (1598-1846).
  • Article - (Bullock, Alice) "Did the Hebrews Settle Ancient New Mexico?" (January 1976).

New Mexico (history)

  • Article - (Ayers, John) "A Soldier's Experience in New Mexico."
  • "Original Illustrated Map of the Great Southwest and Key to Indian Symbols" (by Fred Harvey).
  • Correspondence from R.E. White to F. Fierman (May 12, 1952).
  • Correspondence from Jessie Smith to F. Fierman (September 8, 1950).
  • F. Fierman's notes on Silver City, New Mexico.
  • F. Fierman's notes on Taos, Las Vegas, and Springer, New Mexico.
  • Correspondence from W.A. Keleher to F. Fierman (September 15, 1950).
  • Pamphlet - (Walter, Paul A.F.) "No. 31, Colonel Jose Francisco Chaves 1833-1904."
  • Correspondence from the archivist at the State Records Center and Archives to F. Fierman (April 7, 1978).
  • Book excerpt - El Gringo (W.W.H. Davis; 1938).
  • Copy of the National Register of Historic Places Inventory, Nomination Form (1974).
  • Excerpt - Confederate Government in Dona Ana County (by Charles S. Walker, Jr.).
  • Excerpt - "Social Forces" (Southern Sociological Society: N.C.; 1962).
  • Article - "The Historical Society of New Mexico" (by Ira G. Clarke).
  • Book excerpt - New Mexico: Land of Many Cultures (by Frank D. Reeve).
  • Article - "History of the Southwest: Personalities and Discoveries" (by Eleanor B. Adams).
  • Selected excerpts relating to the "Lady in Blue."
  • Notes written by F. Fierman in regard to the Colonial period of the New Mexico (1600's).
  • Article - "The Jews of Albuquerque: A Southwestern Community" (by Morris Freedman; 1959).
  • Article - "Carving Out an Identity in the Land of 'Anglos'" (November 1, 1989).

New Mexico Jewish Historical Society

  • The New Mexico Jewish Historical Society Newsletter (1988-1995).
  • Announcement for New Mexico Jewish Historical Society's ninth annual conference.
  • Announcement for New Mexico Jewish Historical Society's tenth annual conference.
  • List of New Mexico Historical Society roster of the board of directors.
  • Announcement released in regard to the exhibit entitled "The Holocaust and New Mexico Jewish History: Contrasting Themes of Persecution and Tolerance."
  • Pamphlet - "Making History: Contributions of Jewish Artists in New Mexico" (November 1993).
  • Handwritten notes on Jewish women from New Mexico.

New Mexico Jewish Link

  • Advertisement which announces locations where the newsletter is available.
  • Article - "New Year Bringing New Newspaper Name" (September 1996).

New Mexico (Jewish merchants)

  • Article - (Robinson, Sherry) "The Promised Land" (April 22, 1990).

New Mexico (Jewish organizations)

  • Paper - Robert E. Rosenwald, "Early Covered Wagon and Far West Days" (1982).
  • Copy of correspondence from Jacob S. Raisin to David Winternitz (December 14, 1915).
  • Report of the Council of Jewish Women of Las Vegas, New Mexico (1923).
  • Contract between Congregation Montefiore and Dr. M. Lefkowitz (June 1905).
  • Report of the building committee on the Jewish Temple (Las Vegas).
  • Treasurers receipt from Congregation Montefiore (June 6, 1916).
  • Signatures and amounts promised for the building of Congregation Montefiore (January 1886).
  • Insurance document insuring the trustees of Montefiore Congregation (February 1917).
  • Members list and minutes of the Las Vegas section of the Council of Jewish Women (Sept. 29; year unknown).
  • Order of B'nai B'rith acknowledging a receipt (1914).
  • Inventory of Las Vegas Bible Church.
  • Acknowledgment from the National Committee for the Relief of Sufferers by Russian Massacres (1916).
  • Miscellaneous documents from the city of Las Vegas.
  • Documents which refer to early years of Congregation Montefiore (1865-1910).
  • Abstract of the title to the Jewish cemetery and the Las Vegas Lodge Cemetery in Las Vegas (April 17, 1880).
  • Specifications of the work and materials required in the completion of Congregation Montefiore.
  • Indenture between Las Vegas Lodge No. 4 and the trustees of Las Vegas Lodge No. 4 in regard to the selling of property (May 14, 1902).
  • Drawing of cemetery plot Las Vegas, New Mexico.

New Mexico (Jewish pioneers)

  • Article - "A New Mexican in Washington" (June 11, 1959).

New Mexico (Jews and Indians)

  • Article - "Indians and Jews: New Mexico and America" (by Gordon Bronitsky).

New Mexico (Jews of)

  • Book excerpt - (La Farge, Oliver) Santa Fe: The Auto biography of a Southwestern Town (Norman: University of Oklahoma Press).
  • Book excerpt - (Spidle, Jake W.) Doctors of Medicine in New Mexico (Albuquerque: The University of New Mexico Press).
  • Book excerpt - (Parish, William J.) The Charles Ilfeld Company: A Study of the Rise and Decline of Mercantile Capitalism in New Mexico (MA: Harvard U.P.; 1961).
  • Biography of Lottie Deno and Edward James Swartz.

New Mexico (military)

  • Excerpt - Register of Volunteer Officers from the Headquarters Department of New Mexico, General Orders (no. 21; August 1863).

New Mexico (newspapers)

  • Excerpts - The Daily New Mexican (various dates: May-June 1870 - 1871).
  • Excerpts - Weekly New Mexican (various dates: September - November 1870).
  • Book excerpt: (Grove, Pearce S., Becky J. Barnett, and Sandra J. Hansen, eds.) New Mexico Newspapers (NM: University of New Mexico Press).
  • Notes written by F. Fierman on various Jewish New Mexico families.
  • First page of The Mesilla Times (Saturday March 2, 1861).
  • Article - (Simmons, Marc). "The Seligmans: Early Santa Fe Merchants."

New Mexico place names

  • Correspondence from R.E. White to F. Fierman (April 30, 1952).
  • Definitions of American Indian words from English, Spanish, and Indian languages.

New Mexico (Santa Fe- Jews of)

  • Article - (Scholder, David A.) "Reluctant Pilgrims" (October, 1982).

New Mexico (tapes at Zimmerman Library of the University of New Mexico)

  • Inventory of the archives in the Special Collections Department of Zimmerman Library.

New Mexico (taxes)

  • List of persons in the collection district of New Mexico who paid a tax on income of $1,000 or more for the year of 1868.

Nordhaus family

  • Brief history of the Nordhaus family compiled by Bloom Southwest Jewish Archives.
  • Copy of correspondence from Ken Wells to Rabbi Malcolm H. Stern (September 10, 1959).
  • Handwritten interview with Robert Nordhaus (December 12, 1990).

Nusbaum, Simon

  • Copy of obituary for Simon Nusbaum, postmaster.
  • Copy of petition for the appointment of Simon Nusbaum as clerk from the executive office of the Territory of New Mexico (July 31, 1890).

Obermayer, Hermann

  • Correspondences between Arthur Obermayer and Melissa Amado (December 1994).
  • Correspondences between William Parish and Arthur Obermayer (May 18, 1963).

Pick family

  • Obituary for Elizabeth Pick.

Polster family

  • Manuscript - "Memories of My Founding Father" (by Edythe Polster).
  • "Hiroshige, Mon Amour: An Exhibition Loaned From the Collection of Edythe Polster."
  • Pamphlet - (Polster, E.) "From Penzance to Menlo Park" (Pilgrim Press Corporation: N.Y.; 1954).
  • Book excerpt - (Polster, E. and M. Fahsbender) Garden Lighting (Pilgrim Press Corporation: N.Y.; 1954).
  • Book excerpt - (Polster, E.) "The Story of Johnny One-Light and Mary Even-Glow" (Pilgrim Press).

Ravel, Arthur

  • Article - (Braddy, Haldeen) "Pancho Villa At Columbus: The Raid of 1916" (Spring 1965).
  • Correspondence from Roy Stivison to F. Fierman (1950, 1951).
  • Correspondence from Arthur Ravel to F. Fierman (1961).
  • Correspondence from Frederick Katz to Abraham Chanin (June 14, 1991).
  • F. Fierman's manuscript notes on the Villa raid on Columbus, 1916.
  • Correspondence from Elizabeth Drewry (National Archives) to F. Fierman regarding Villa raid on Columbus (August 3, 1950).
  • Genealogy of the Ravel family.
  • Article on Villa's raid on Columbus.
  • Article - (Woods, Clee) "Night of Fury" (March 1958).
  • Documents from the U.S. Army and War Department (1916).

Regensberg family

  • Copy of a picture of the gravestone of Jacob Regensberg.
  • Information on Jacob Regensberg compiled by Al Regensberg.
  • Pages from the Mora County census (1870).
  • Excerpt - (Coan, C.) "Benjamin Regensberg," New Mexico History; vol. II.

Rivas, Tomas

  • Correspondence from F. Fierman to Rabbi Meyer (November 12, 1960).
  • Notes on Tomas Rivas by F. Fierman.
  • Copy of correspondence from Tomas Rivas to Martin Zielonka (August 9, 1908).

Rosen, Lia Lynn

  • Article - "A New Mexico Artist Award Puts Judaism in Apprentice's Hands" (by Cora Newmann; November, 1997).

Rosenfeld, Robert J.

  • Card catalog references relating to the Rosenfeld family.

Rosenstein, Simon

  • Simon Rothstein's bill of divorce (May 20, 1866).
  • Copy of divorce settlement stating what S. Rothstein owed his wife and children (July 18, 1866).
  • Miscellaneous legal documents for the divorce proceedings of Simon Rothstein (1866).

Rosenwald, Emanuel

  • Article - (Fierman, F., ed.) "Reminiscences of Emanuel Rosenwald" (April, 1962).

Rosenwald family - 2f.

  • Genealogy of the Rosenwald family compiled by Lou R. Strauss, Jr.
  • Genealogy of the Rosenwald family (beginning in 1773).
  • Genealogy of the Rosenwald family compiled by Luscian Rosenwald (1930).
  • Article - "Historical Review Carries Story of Pioneer Family" (April, 27, 1962).
  • Correspondence to F. Fierman referring to information on the Rosenwald family.
  • Correspondence from Robert Rosenwald to Jacob Marcus regarding Rosenwald family history (October 23, 1959).
  • Correspondence from the University of New Mexico to F. Fierman which provides an inventory of the Emanuel Rosenwald papers (March 29, 1985).
  • F. Fierman's manuscript for "Reminiscences of Emanuel Rosenwald."
  • Paper - "Early Covered Wagon and Far West Days" (by Robert E. Rosenwald; 1982).
  • F. Fierman's notes on the Rosenwald family.
  • Article - "Las Vegas' Great Loss" (May 22, 1888).
  • Article - "Rosenwald Bros. Building Presents Study in Contrast" (November 22, 1961).
  • Copy of correspondence from Louis Sulzbacher to an unknown recipient (January 2, 1900).
  • Article - "60 years of Banking."
  • Copy of photograph of Nathan Jaffa in Sante Fe (August 1925).
  • Copy of the program of the Chanukah festival under the auspices of the Laty Montefiore Society (Sunday, December 11, 1887).
  • Copy of involuntary petition in bankruptcy for E. Rosenwald and Son (1923).
  • Copy of legal documents for the case of bankruptcy for E. Rosenwald and Son (1923).
  • List of dates and events which correspond to the bankruptcy case of the Rosenwalds.
  • List of all claims filed in the Rosenwald bankruptcy case.
  • Copy of contract between E. Rosenwald and the United States Army in the territory of New Mexico (December 15, 1868).
  • Copies of legal papers in the court case of Elsberg and Amberg in Mora County.
  • Copy of contract between Emanuel Rosenwald and the U.S. army which refers to the delivery of goods (May 31, 1869).
  • Copy of legal papers from court proceedings between Emanuel and Joseph Rosenwald and Juan Armija (March 1870).
  • Copy of last will and testament of Elise Rosenwald.
  • Copy of last will and testament of Emanuel Rosenwald.
  • Copy of inventory of items of Albert Elsberg from Santa Fe (1862).
  • Copy of announcement by E.Rosenwald and Son of their April grocery sale (in English and Spanish).
  • Copies of card catalog references for Joseph Rosenwald, Albert Elsberg, Gustave Elsberg, and Emanuel Rosenwald.
  • Copies of miscellaneous legal documents in regard to Emanuel Rosenwald.
  • Copy of court proceedings in the case of Joseph Rosenwald and Company vs. William Kronig (1870).
  • Copy of legal document which states that Lorenzo Lopez, Joseph Rosenwald, Francisco Manzanares, Juan Jose Lopez and Louis Sulzbacher agree to form the El Dorado Town Company (1867).
  • Copy of legal document entitled "Submission of Trustee In Bankruptcy of Petition For Attorneys' Fees"(1928).
  • Copy of court proceedings in the appeal of J. Rosenwald and Co. vs. William Kroenig (1869).
  • Copy of court proceedings in the case of Joseph and Emanuel Rosenwald vs. Jacob Regensberg (1873).
  • Copy of court proceedings in the case of Joseph Rosenwald vs. Andrew Calhoun (1867).
  • Copy of correspondence from Louis Sulzbacher to an anonymous person addressed as 'Dear Many' (Kansas City, MO; April 9, 1890). Refers to business affairs.
  • Copy of quit claim deed between Jose Martinez and Elise Rosenwald (October 1898).
  • Copy of correspondence from the Missouri Trust Company to E.Rosenwald and Son acknowledging the receipt of a check for $600.00 (February 18, 1904).
  • Correspondence from E. Rosenwald and Son which serves as a receipt to an anonymous party (August 17, 1907).
  • Copy of quit claim deed between Joseph Rosenwald and Adolph Strauss (1884).
  • 'Escritura' between D. Gallegos and Emanuel Rosenwald (July 22, 1889; in Spanish).
  • Copy of stock certificate for 2,000 shares of the Socorro Town Company (July 20, 1882). Signed by Emanuel Rosenwald.
  • Copy of power of attorney of Juana Padilla of Las Vegas (February 10, 1888).
  • Agreement between Felipe Benavidez and E.Rosenwald and Son (August 22, 1904).

Roth, Henry

  • Article - (Groves, Bob) "The Private Diaspora of Novelist Henry Roth" (September 15, 1987).


  • See: Goldenstein, R. - "American Judaism in the Making" (June 1923).

Russian-Jewish Immigrants

Santa Fe Deeds

  • F. Fierman's notes from the Index to Deeds, Santa Fe County.
  • Miscellaneous notes in regard to deeds in Santa Fe.


Santa Fe Jewry

  • Article - "First High Holy Days in New Mexico" (April 1975).

Santa Fe (La Posada de Santa Fe)

  • Postcard for La Posada (hotel).
  • Article - "La Posada...A Brief History;" provides a background for La Posada beginning in 1850.
  • Article - (Arnold, John) "La Posada;" Provides discussion of La Posada hotel.
  • Article - (White, Mary Lee) "The Ghost;" Provides discussion of La Posada hotel.
  • Article - (Arnold, John) "The Ghosts of Santa Fe;" discusses La Posada Hotel.

Santa Fe (Old Santa Fe magazine)

  • Article - "Old Santa Fe: A Magazine of History, Archaeology, Genealogy, and Biography;" vol. II, no. 6 (October 1914).

The Schiffer family

  • Correspondence from Barry Dushman to Abraham Chanin (May 26, 1993).

Schweizer, Herman

  • Article - (Ripp, B.) "Fred Harvey Man Fathered Modern Indian Arts, Crafts."
  • Transcripts of obituaries for Herman Schweizer (d. 1943).
  • Correspondence from the Heard Museum to Abe Chanin regarding information on Herman Schweizer (July 5, 1989).

Seitman, Rose

  • Transcription of autobiography of Rose Seitman (September 21, 1881).

Seligman, Arthur

  • Obituary for Arthur Seligman (d. 1933).
  • Book excerpt: Old Santa Fe (written by R.E. Twitchell; biography of Arthur Seligman).

Seligman (Bernalillo Mercantile Company)

  • Copy of photographs from the Cubero collection and the Lucien collection.
  • Article - (Sinclair, John) "The Place Where De Vargas Died" (August 1976).
  • F. Fierman's manuscript notes on the Seligman Family (includes interview with M. Seligman; biographies of Siegried Seligman, Carl Seligman, and Julius Seligman compiled by Arthur Bibo).
  • Genealogy of the Seligman family beginning with Sigmund Seligman.
  • Correspondence from Richard Kaufman to F. Fierman regarding corrections for Fierman's book, Guts and Ruts.
  • Book excerpt - "The Place Where De Vargas Died."
  • Book excerpt - selections from an unknown encyclopedia.
  • Book excerpt - The Bernalillo Story (by F. Stanley).
  • Book excerpt - "Viva El Pasado: A History of the Bernalillo Area."
  • An index of mortgage deeds from Bernalillo County (1909 - 1936).
  • Copy of court proceedings relating to the case of Ramon Lujan and Raquel Lujan vs. a list of living, defunct corporate entities, and unknown heirs of deceased persons.
  • Copy of court proceedings relating to the case of Louis Felsenthal vs. W.S. Fletcher in regard to the return of muster rolls from 1861-1865 (August 16, 1890).
  • Marriage certificate for Siegfried Seligman and Meta Block (July 12, 1903).
  • Copy of naturalization papers and certificate of citizenship for Seigfried Seligman (September 27, 1900).
  • Copy of certificate of social insurance award issued by the Federal Security Agency of the Social Security Administration to Siegfried Seligman (August 5, 1953).
  • Copy of final accounting for interest in M.R. Prestridge Lumber Company Partnership (1947-48).
  • Copy of statement from Jack Seligman to his customers stating that the Bernalillo Mercantile Company was sold (October 17, 1978).
  • Copy of the Bernalillo Mercantile Company's director's meeting (May 26, 1924).
  • Article - (Simmons, Marc) "Bernard Seligman: Jewish Merchant on the Trail" (November 1988).
  • Bond issued to S. Seligman by the First National Bank of Albuquerque for $50,000 (October 28, 1915).
  • Contract between Emil Bibo and the Bernalillo Mercantile Company (July 1, 1915).
  • Receipts from the First National Bank to the Bernalillo Mercantile Company (1925 and 1927).
  • Pages from El Agricultor Moderno (Thursday, October 14, 1915).
  • Personal correspondence from Leopold Meyer to Milton (September 27, 1945).
  • Copy of legal document stating that the Bernalillo Mercantile Co. and Manuel Miera are entitled to a patent for Exception No. 19 within the Pueblo of Sandia, Section Five in Township Twelve North of Range Four east of the New Mexico Meridian.

Seligman, Bernard

  • Correspondence from Myra Ellen to F. Fierman regarding Bernard Seligman's involvement in the muster rolls in the 1890's (March 1, 1986).
  • Article - "The Seligmans, Early Santa Fe Merchants" (by Marc Simmons).

Seligman, Carl

  • Copy of court proceedings regarding the last will and testament of Carl Seligman (1971-1973).
  • Pamphlet - "Trust Agreement: Seligman Bros. Trust" (November 1, 1947).
  • Copy of the last will and testament of Carl Seligman (June 9, 1971).
  • Contract signed by Carl Seligman stating that his two brothers are not responsible for any losses as co-partners in B.M.C. Lumber Company (August 15, 1944).

BOX 4 New Mexico

Seligman family

  • Manuscript - "The Three Seligman Brothers Married the Three Block Sisters" (by F. Fierman).
  • Correspondence from S. Seligman to Dr. J. Butler regarding a contract stating that Bernalillo Mercantile Co. has the right to suspend the supply of water if their own supply should fail them (August 16, 1947).
  • Portion of a talk about the Seligman family by Milton Seligman (1975-6).
  • E-mail from M. Amado of the Bloom Southwest Jewish Archives regarding connections between her family and the Seligmans of New Mexico.
  • Railroad invoices (1870, 1871).
  • Copies of miscellaneous correspondence to Santa Fe from the office of the adjutant general (1899).
  • Copy of correspondence from the state of New Mexico to Bernard Seligman requesting the return of muster rolls from 1861-1865 (July 24, 1890).
  • Court records for the case of Louis Felsenthal vs. W.S. Fletcher (1890-1).
  • Correspondence to and from Governor Arthur Seligman regarding the Democratic nomination for president (February 1932).
  • Correspondence concerning the death of Governor Arthur Seligman (September 1933).
  • Correspondence from A.W. Hockenhull (governor of New Mexico) to F. D. Roosevelt requesting an appeal for Otis Seligman (October 1933).
  • Statement made by Melvin A. Traylor - "Why You Should Support the Democratic Victory Campaign For 1932."
  • Copy of re-extension of charter of the First National Bank of Santa Fe (1870, 1910, and 1939).
  • Copy of court proceedings for the case of United States of America vs. James Lopez and Arthur Seligman (March 1922).
  • Copy of proceedings for the case of S. Seligman and Brothers vs. Andrew M. Adams (1865).
  • F. Fierman's notes regarding the court case of Otis Seligman. Includes card catalog references.
  • Copy of Fairview Cemetery interment records (1883-1932; 1932-1977).
  • Copy of Fairview Cemetery interment records of single graves (1887-1940).
  • Memo from G. Seligman to F. Fierman regarding an enclosed piece entitled "Mama."
  • Personal correspondence taken from the Boaz W. Long Papers.
  • Obituary for Ruth Seligman (date not available).
  • F. Fierman's manuscript notes with regard to the Seligman family.
  • Legal documents which request the return of muster rolls from the Civil War period (includes correspondence from W.S. Fletcher to B. Seligman; 1890).
  • Legal document - (1876) S. Spiegleberg, S. Seligman, and L. Sulzbacher are mentioned.
  • Correspondence to "Bo" from Alfred Kidder in regard to enclosed written to Madeleine from Santa Fe (November 11, 1955).
  • Correspondence from the New Mexico State Records Center and Archives to F. Fierman regarding information involving Otis Seligman (July 21, 1986).
  • Correspondence to Mr. Cummings from the governor in regard to Otis Seligman (October 2, 1933).
  • Book excerpt - (Postal, Bernard and Lionel Koppman) A Jewish Tourist's Guide to the U.S. (Philadelphia: The Jewish Publication Society of America; 1954).
  • Article - "Necrology;" provides a biography of Arthur Seligman.
  • Article - "The Old Santa Fe Trading Post," El Palacio (1918).
  • Court proceedings for the case of S. Seligman and Bros. vs. Jose Baca.
  • Article excerpts - El Palacio (1933 and 1935).
  • Announcement from A. Seligman regarding water control & Cochiti diversion dam (April 1, 1932).

Seligman, Julius

  • Original bond for $3000 from United States Fidelity and Guaranty Co. (Baltimore, Maryland) to J. Seligman (August 22, 1932).
  • Last will and testament for Julius Seligman (November 10, 1961).
  • Warrant to appraisers for the estate of Julius Seligman (filed March 8, 1963).
  • Court proceedings in the matter of the last will and testament of Julius Seligman (December 13, 1965).
  • One page biography of Julius Seligman.

Seligman, Otis

  • Copies of Governor Hockenhull papers regarding the parole of Otis Seligman (1933).

Seligman, Siegfried

  • Legal documents written in German (August 10, 1892).
  • Article - "Pioneer Couple is Honored On 60th Wedding Anniversary" (July 15, 1963).
  • Copy of the last will and testament of Ed Seligman (May 25, 1965).
  • Copy of the court proceedings in the matter of the last will and testament of Siegfried Seligman (May 26, 1965).

Sher, Sgt. Robert

  • Article - (Zimmerman, Rebecca) "Jewish Soldier Says He Was Just Doing a Job" (June 1991).

Shor, Rabbi David D. (Daniel)

  • Pamphlet - "You Have Crowned Him With Glory and Honor" (Wednesday May 6, 1987). Biographical sketch of Rabbi David D. (Daniel) Shor.
  • Interview with Rabbi David D. (Daniel) Shor (August 24, 1991).

Silber, Rabbi Mendel

  • Article - (Goldenstein, R.) "American Judaism in the Making" (June 22, 1923).

Sorenson, Sarah

  • Obituary - "Sorenson Maintained Principles All of Her Life."

Speyer, Albert

  • Copy of the inventory brought to the United States by Albert Speyer (January 20, 1845).
  • Correspondence between Henry Norris and Albert Speyer regarding trade and mercantile (1845-1847).
  • Copy of correspondence from the National Archives to F. Fierman regarding Albert Speyer (August 5, 1988).
  • Copy of correspondence from Albert Speyer to Manuel Alvarez (May 5, 1848).
  • Copy of inventory of cotton and other merchandise signed by Albert Speyer (1846-1847; in Spanish).
  • Copy of correspondence from Henry Norris to Albert Speyer regarding merchandise and trade.
  • Copy of correspondence to Manuel Alvarez from a list of people communicating thanks for recognizing their rights as citizens (December 8, 1840).
  • Copy of photograph of Albert Speyer (1861).
  • Copy of items from the Manuel Alvarez Papers relating to trade of merchandise (1850's).
  • Transcription of correspondence between M. Alvarez, H. Norris, and A. Speyer (1846-1860).
  • Card catalog references regarding Albert Speyer and Manuel Alvarez.
  • Document from the Benjamin Read Collection discussing conflict between Mexican citizens and the United States government (1837).
  • Correspondence from the New Mexico State Records Center and Archives to F. Fierman regarding a manifesto from the Alvarez Papers (September 23, 1988).
  • Book excerpt - Down the Santa Fe Trail and Into Mexico: The Diary of Susan Shelby Magoffin, 1846-1847 (S.M. Drumm, ed.).

Spiegelberg, Elias

  • Manuscript - "Fatal Accident-- Death of Mr. Elias Spiegelberg."

Speigelberg family - 2f.

  • Original manuscript - "The Spiegelberg Brothers" (by F. Fierman).
  • Original manuscript - "Spiegelberg II" (by F. Fierman).
  • F. Fierman's notes pertaining to the Spiegelberg family.
  • An Index to Spiegelberg family references (April 20, 1992).
  • "Descendancy Chart" (includes prominent Jews in New Mexico and Arizona).
  • Article from True West (April 1993). Discussion of the Speigelberg brothers.
  • Article excerpt - "Entrepreneurs of the Old West" (by David Dary).
  • Book excerpt - A Jewish Tourist's Guide to the United States (by Postal and Koppman).
  • Article - "Solomon Spiegelberg Was First Jew in New Mexico; He Arrived in Year 1846" (April 8, 1930).
  • One page of a United States census of San Miguel County, New Mexico (1900).
  • A brief biography of the Spiegelberg brothers.
  • Copy of document of the Parochial Pecos church record (1872; in Spanish).
  • A list of the Spiegelberg references from the memorabilia in the Kriegsman's library.
  • Genealogy of the Spiegelberg family beginning with Jacob and Betty Spiegelberg (July 14, 1988).
  • A chronological history of the Spiegelberg family (1844-1943).
  • Copy of the marriage certificate from the State of New York for Jules C. Levi and Edna Hortense Spiegelberg (December 28, 1898).
  • Article - (Best, Jan) "A Jewish Heritage," The New Mexican (September 9, 1990).
  • Article - (Whiting, Russ) "Landmark Tours Inspired By Heritage" (September 9, 1990).
  • Article - "The Spiegelbergs and Early Trade in New Mexico" (by Hester Jones).
  • Correspondence to F. Fierman in regard to information on the Spiegelberg family.
  • Copy of reports on the condition of The First National Bank of Santa Fe (1883, 1892).
  • Genealogy of the Spiegelberg family beginning with Jacob Spiegelberg and Betty Lilienfeld.
  • Copy of indirect index to deeds for Santa Fe, New Mexico (1881-1906).
  • Article - (Purdy, James H.) "The Willi Spiegelberg House" (May/June 1978).
  • Magazine - El Palacio; vol. XXIX, no. 16 (November 5, 1930).
  • Copy of "The Story of Navaho Sam" (by Flora Spiegelberg).
  • Copy of correspondence from the State of New Mexico State Records Center to Jacob Marcus regarding information on the Navajos, Bibos, and Willi Spiegelberg (March 9, 1961).
  • Copy of contract between A.H. Morehead and the Spiegelberg brothers (November 1877).
  • F. Fierman's notes on the Spiegelberg family.
  • Correspondence from Lehman Spiegelberg and Albert Elsberg to C.P. Clever (October, 1861).
  • Copy of a selection of preliminary inventory sheets of contracts and reports from the National Archives and Records Service (Washington D.C.).
  • Copy of the report on the conditions of the Second National Bank of New Mexico (June 13, 1873).
  • Copy of a photograph of the Second National Bank of Sante Fe, New Mexico.
  • Correspondence from the Bureau of Revenue and Library of Congress in regard to the Spiegelberg family (1962).
  • Certificate stating that Willi Spiegelberg is elected to the office of Judge of Probate (November 10, 1884).
  • Article - "A Prosperous Career" (October 30, 1881).
  • Correspondence from Robert Levinson to F. Fierman (June 29, 1966).
  • Copy of court proceedings which involves the case of Josefita Lopez de Lucero and Jose Amado Lucero vs. Willi Spiegelberg (1887).
  • Correspondences from George Spiegelberg to William Parish (February 1960).
  • Correspondence from William Parish to Frank Reeve (March 12, 1960).
  • Manuscript - "Spiegelbergs" (by Sherri Goldstein; 1992).
  • List of people who owe the Spiegelberg brothers money (May 17, 1881).
  • Copy of the last will and testament of Lehman Speigelberg (1904).
  • Manuscript notes relating to the Spiegelberg family of Sante Fe.
  • Article - "National Bank Notes By States."
  • Copy of court proceedings which accuse Adelaida Cienfuegos of pretending that her children were the product of Lehman Spiegelberg (1881; includes interrogation of Willi Spiegelberg).
  • Copy of correspondence to and from the Spiegelbergs with regard to business (1856-1861).
  • Copy of indirect index to deeds of Sante Fe County (1848-1934).
  • Copy of correspondence from F. Fierman to Mr. Gutierrez regarding information on the case of Spiegelberg vs. Robert H. Longwell (December 20, 1962).

Spiegelberg, Flora

  • Article - (Kramer, Anne Kulique) "Pioneers of New Mexico: Flora Spiegelberg's Reminiscences of the First Jews who Trekked Santa Fe Trail" (November 2, 1928).
  • Article - "Flora Spiegelberg: First Lady of Santa Fe" (by Sharon Niederman).
  • Untitled manuscript which provides history of Temple Albert as well as the Spiegelbergs, Ilfelds, Grunsfelds, and other Jewish families.
  • Transcription of letter from Flora Spiegelberg.
  • Article excerpt - New Mexican Magazine (February 1987).
  • Chronology of lives of Flora and Willi Spiegelberg (1844-1943).
  • Correspondence from William Kriegsman to F. Fierman (January 27, 1982).
  • Newsletters, including an article on Willi and Flora Spiegelberg. Also an article entitled "General Sherman in Santa Fe" (by Flora Spiegelberg).
  • Manuscript - "The Vigilantes of San Francisco: Heroes or VIllains?" (by Katharine E. Kriegsman; April 20, 1987).
  • Copy of inventory from the Special Collections at the University of New Mexico on Flora Spiegelberg.
  • Manuscript - "Flora Langermann Spiegelberg: Grand Lady of Santa Fe," (by Michael Lawson).
  • Original manuscript - "Billy the Kid, the Cowboy Outlaw: An Incident Recalled by Flora Spiegelberg" (edited by F. Fierman and John O. West).
  • Correspondence from Flora Spiegelberg to Paul Walter and Miss Hester Jones (1933 and 1935).
  • Correspondence from Betty Hoffenberg to F. Fierman (June 29, 1988).
  • Correspondence from W.E. Kriegsman to F. Fierman (May and June 1988).
  • Copy of "Reminiscences of a Jewish Bride of the Santa Fe Trail" (by Flora Spiegelberg).
  • Copies of miscellaneous articles about Flora Spiegelberg.
  • Copy of biography of Betty Stern Hoffenberg.
  • Article - "The Spiegelberg Nuptials" (1874).
  • Original newsletter which includes discussion of the Spiegelbergs.
  • Excerpt - "Another Civil War Story" (by Flora Spiegelberg).

Spiegelberg, Lehman

  • Genealogy of the Spiegelberg family beginning with Lehman Spiegelberg.
  • Court proceedings relating to the case of Adelaida Cienfuegos vs. Carrie L. Spiegelberg (November 21, 1905).
  • Correspondence from the assistant adjutant general of the Department of New Mexico to the infantry (Santa Fe; February 25, 1858).
  • F. Fierman's notes on the Spiegelberg family; particular focus on Lehman and Levi Spiegelberg.
  • Correspondence to F. Fierman from Mr. and Mrs. Robert Lippman (March 1982).
  • Genealogy of the Spiegelberg family.
  • Copy of photographs of Carrie and Lehman Spiegelberg.
  • Copy of correspondence from the board of education in the city of New York to Florence Spiegelberg (February 25, 1910).
  • Copy of photographs of Carrie, Florence, Cora, Edwin, Lehman, Charles, and Rena (all related in some way to the Spiegelberg family).
  • Copy of the annual commencement proceedings of the Loretto Academy -"Our Lady of Light" (Santa Fe, N.M.; Wednesday, June 22, 1892).
  • Obituary - "Prominent Importer Dead" (in honor of Lehman Spiegelberg).
  • Copy of legal statements in the case of Adelaida Cienfuegos vs. Carrie Spiegelberg (1910).

Spiegelberg, Levi and Betty

  • Original correspondence from William E. Kriegsman to F. Fierman (February 18, 1982).
  • Correspondence from Ruth Cole to F. Fierman regarding Levi Spiegelberg (January 16, 1983).
  • Copy of obituary for Lehman Spiegelberg.
  • Copy of advertisement for Spiegelberg Brothers.
  • Copy of the report of conditions of the Second National Bank of New Mexico (1873).
  • Copy of map of New Mexico settlements (1694-1850).

Spiegelberg family reunion

  • Announcements of the Spiegelberg family reunion (May 25 and June 20, 1988).
  • Article - (Hillerman, Anne) "Spiegelberg Gathering to Recall Civic Deeds" (July 13, 1988).
  • Article - (Wittenauer, Cheryl) "A Gaggle of Relatives Discuss Legacy of Merchant Brothers" (July 17, 1988).

Spiegelberg, Solomon

  • Copy of correspondence to Solomon Spiegelberg from the solicitor general of New Mexico (May 6, 1895).
  • Two sentence background on Solomon Spiegelberg.

Spiegelberg, Willi

  • Article - "Willi Spiegelberg-- A Builder of the Southwest" (by Flora Spiegelberg).
  • Copy of the Session Laws of New Mexico (1866-67).
  • Copy of a biography of Willi Spiegelberg (author and date unknown).
  • Correspondence from Flora Spiegelberg to her great grandson, Willi Spiegelberg.
  • Copy of "Great Grandpa Spiegelberg Presents President Lincoln With a Navajo Blanket" (by Flora Spiegelberg).
  • Copy of entry on Flora Spiegelberg from the Biographical Encyclopedia of American Jews (1935).
  • Copy of "The Ten Commandments of World Peace" (written by Flora Spiegelberg; 1919).
  • Biographical sketch on William E. Kriegsman, genealogy of the Kriegsman family, and notes on the Kriegsman family by F. Fierman.
  • Correspondence from Charles Meyer to Marjorie Lamber (September 3, 1958).
  • Copy of legal document which declares Willi Spiegelberg probate judge for the county of Santa Fe (November 17, 1884).
  • Article - "W.I. Spiegelberg Dies on Trip Abroad" (January 19, 1932).
  • Copy of legal document which commands Willi Spiegelberg to appear at the court house to testify in a case (May 9, 1868).
  • Copy of street map of Santa Fe (date unknown).
  • Legal document which declares the organization of the Second National Bank of New Mexico (August 1, 1872).
  • Copy of the passport of William Langerman (January 1857).
  • Copy of passport application for William Langerman (1856).

Spiegelberg wills and testaments

  • Copy of the last wills and testaments of Solomon Jacob Spiegelberg (1898), Lehman Spiegelberg (1888), Emanuel Spiegelberg (1923), Levi Spiegelberg (1906), and Willi Spiegelberg (1909).
  • F. Fierman's notes on the wills of Lehman, Solomon Jacob, Levi, and Willi Spiegelberg.
  • Copy of excerpts from the Journal of Probate Court (Santa Fe, New Mexico; 1885).

Staab family

  • Book excerpt - (Fierman, F.) Rio Grande History: The Staabs of Santa Fe. 1983.
  • Genealogy of the Staab family originating from Abraham Staab and Julia Schuster.
  • Correspondence from Bettina Lyons to Abraham Chanin regarding the Staab family (February 12, 1990).
  • Correspondence from W.A. Keleher to F. Fierman regarding Edward Staab (May 17, 1961).

Starr, Mildred

  • Correspondence between Melissa Amado and Mildred Starr regarding genealogical information on the Cohen, Binnard, and Markman families (1995).
  • Information on the Binnard and Markman families compiled by Mildred Starr (1995).
  • Excerpt - El Paso City Directory (1920, 1921, 1926).

Staten, Charna and Frances Williams

  • Written permission by Charna Staten to participate in the Temple Beth El community history project (1988).

Stern, Eugene

  • Article - (Lease, R.) "Eugene J. Stern: Merchant, Farmer, and Philanthropist of Las Cruces, New Mexico" (January 1977).

Stern family

  • Manuscript from interview with Dell Zuckerman (October 12, 1991). Genealogy of the Stern family.
  • Articles on E.J. Stern. Includes obituary and photographs.
  • Transcription of the birth certificate of Jeno Stern (August 24, 1897).
  • Copy of certification of naturalization of Eugene Stern.
  • Naturalization legal documents.
  • Transcription of the school report of Jeno Stern (1906).
  • Document (possibly written in Hungarian).

Strauss ranch

  • F. Fierman's notes on the Strauss Cattle Company.

Strouse family

  • Manuscript which provides biographic information on Morris and Felix Strouse by Muriel Stulz (copy of photograph of the Strouse family included; ~1890).

Sutin, Esther

Tachiert, Milton

  • Manuscript of interview of Mr. and Mrs. Milton Tachiert by Louis Michelson (July 30, 1975).
  • Copy of document which states Congregation Montefiore dues (Las Vegas; 1886).
  • Copy of correspondence from F. Fierman to Rabbi Leonard (Helma?) regarding direct and indirect deed indices for various pioneer families in New Mexico (July 26, 1980).
  • Correspondence from F. Fierman to Mr. Taichert regarding Congregation Montefiore rabbis from 1886-1931 (January 5, 1981).
  • Correspondence from Jacob Marcus to F. Fierman regarding the Schor and Bernstein families (January 15, 1981).
  • F. Fierman's notes on Milton Taichert (Las Vegas, New Mexico).
  • Correspondence from the comptroller of the currency to F. Fierman regarding information on the San Miguel National Bank in Las Vegas, New Mexico (November 14, 1980).
  • Obituary for Milton Taichert submitted by David Scholder (March 14, 1989).
  • Article - "The Covenant in New Mexico-1870."
  • Obituary for Milton Taichert .

Temple Beth El (Las Cruces)

  • Newsletters - Temple Beth El Newsletter (December 1994; January-December 1995; January-April 1996; Sept.-Oct. 1996; Nov.-Dec. 1996; April 1997; August 1997; September, 1997).
  • List of photographs from Temple Beth El.
  • Manuscript - "Temple Beth El of Las Cruces, New Mexico: The Early Years" (by J. P. Brown).

Temple Beth Shalom (Santa Fe)

  • Pamphlet - "Faith In the Future" (distributed by Temple Beth Shalom).

Travel in New Mexico

  • Article - (Milstein, T.) "Tours Give People Glimpse of Jewish Life In New Mexico" (November 1996).

Uhlfelder, Emil and Johanna

  • F. Fierman's manuscript notes on the Uhlfelder family.
  • Brief biography and inventory of the Blatt and Uhlfelder papers in special collections at the University of New Mexico's Zimmerman Library.
  • Copy of correspondences between Morris Blatt and Albert Stern with regard to banking (1938).
  • Copy of correspondence from Robert Sundel (from the Transmigration Bureau of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee, Inc.) to Morris Blatt with regard to a refund (August 22, 1941).
  • Copy of the minutes of the board of directors meeting (1930); minutes from anual meeting of stockholders (1931); and special meetings (1938) for Blatt Inc.
  • Copy of indentures between the Seligman brothers and Morris and Johanna Blatt (1930, 1933, 1934, 1935, 1936).
  • Copy of memorandum of agreement between the First National Bank of Santa Fe and Blatt Inc. (July 1, 1938).
  • Copy of receipts issued to Johanna and Morris Blatt from the Rosenwald Brothers (1925-1955).
  • Copy of memoranda of verbal agreement between Johanna Blatt and S. Floersheim.
  • Copy of receipts and bills issued to Morris and Johanna Blatt from Floersheim Mercantile Co., Morris Gottlieb, Standard Felt Company, El Paso Herald, and Fletcher Catron (1916-1936).
  • Copy of the list of the persons in the collection district of New Mexico who paid a tax on incomes of $1,000,000 or more for the year of 1868.
  • Article - (Love, Marian F.) "Vignette, Pauline Pollock" (April 1981).
  • Article - "Johanna Blatt, Styling Pioneer" (May 7, 1960).
  • Brief transcription from the U.S. Surveyor General of the Santa Fe population in 1876.
  • Copy of the certificate of naturalization for Johanna Blatt (March 24, 1919).
  • Copy of the certificate of registration for Johanna Blatt (July 20, 1918). Includes photograph and thumb print of Johanna Blatt.
  • Copy of license from the city of Santa Fe, New Mexico for Johanna Blatt's store (January 1, 1928).
  • Copy of correspondence from the Republican State Central Committee to Morris Blatt (October 20, 1928).
  • Copy of correspondence from Mrs. Barnett W. Petchesky in regard to a model tenement house which was being built in New York by Mr. Rockefeller, Jr. (December 24, 1924).

Villa, Pancho

  • Article - "Pancho Villa and the Attack on Columbus, New Mexico" (by Friedrich Katz ).
  • Article - "Villa Raided New Mexico Town to Forestall Deal" (by G. Silva; June 27, 1991).
  • Article - (Singer, Mark) "La Cabeza de Villa" (November 27, 1989).

Woods, Evy

  • Article - (Zimmerman, Rebecca) "Hidden Children' Coming Out At Last" (September 1991).

Wormser, Dorothy

  • Article - "First Jewish Lady Architect of the West: A Picture Story" (October 1984).

Zielonka, Rabbi Martin

  • Book excerpt - (Rochlin, Fred and Harriet) Pioneer Jews.

Zimmerman, Cynthia

  • Article - "Judaic Shop to Open in Old Town" (September 1996).


BOX 5 Texas

Aaronson Brothers

  • Newspaper clipping entitled "Aaronson Bros. 2nd Great Birthday Sale."
  • Biography and genealogy of the Aaronson brothers (by Floyd Fierman).
  • Clipping - "Aaronson Cites Increase Sales."

Alfman, Harry

  • Genealogy of Lena and Sidney Alfman.
  • Biography and genealogy of the Alfman family (1982).

Amstater family

  • Genealogy of the Amstater family compiled by F. Fierman.
  • History of the Amstater family by M. Amstater (1981).

Angerstein, Ernest

  • Letter - Dr. B. Sacks to F. Fierman (1961).
  • Handwritten notes from the Sacks collection at the Arizona Historical Foundation.
  • Handwritten manuscript by B. Sacks with regard to Ernest Angerstein.
  • Discussion of the military record (1852-1857) of Ernest Angerstein by B. Sacks.
  • "Ernest Angerstein: Soldier, Merchant, Accused Secessionist, and Post Trader" (by F. Fierman).
  • Notes on Ernest Angerstein compiled by B. Sacks.
  • Letter - Leo R. Schuster to the Army Records Center (August 30, 1961).
  • Letter - from the chief quartermaster of New Mexico to General J.H. Carleton (February 10, 1864).
  • Letter - Veterans Administration to Leo Schuster (September 28, 1961).
  • Letter - E. Angerstein to Lieutenant Col. Nelson H. Davis (December 28, 1863).
  • Transcription of announcement on the oath of allegiance taken by E. Angerstein (April 1863).
  • Transcription of several oaths of allegiance by E. Angerstein (1863).
  • Transcription of affidavit made by J.P. Deus (Las Cruces; Dec. 29, 1863).
  • Report - Gen. J. H. Carleton to Adj. Gen. on a corn contract of Angerstein (February 1864).
  • Letter - Headquarters Dept. of New Mexico to Col. G W. Bowie (June 6, 1864).
  • Letter - E. Angerstein to E.M. Stanton, Secretary of War (June 29, 1864).
  • Letter - Chief Quartermaster's Office (Mesilla) from S. Archer (December 24, 1863).
  • Transcription of several statements in regard to the loyalty of E. Angerstein (December 1863).
  • Transcription of contract between Angerstein and the U.S. military (1863).
  • F. Fierman's notes on Ernest Angerstein.
  • Segment of R.C. Colton's The Civil War in the Western Territories... (1959).
  • Warranty deed: Cunniffes with Angerstein and H. Lisinsky (Aug. 20, 1872).
  • Information on Ernest Angerstein (handwritten by F. Fierman).
  • Letter - MNM to F. Fierman regarding E. Angerstein's residence during the Civil War (May 31, 1961).

Arizona Rough Riders

Ashkenaz family

  • Genealogy of the Ashkenaz family.
  • Brief history of the Ashkenaz family (transcribed by F. Fierman; February 1983).

Backer, Labon and Clara

  • "Grandfather's Essay" (by E. Backer; April 1967; 11 pages).
  • Statement prepared by L. Backer (April 1982; 4 pages) on the history of the Backer family.
  • Genealogy of the Backer family.
  • Article - "One of a Kind Video Programs."
  • Letter - David Backer to F. Fierman (March 1982).

Baker family

  • History of family (written by C. Baker; 96 pp.), photographs, maps, and genealogies.
  • Ketubah (wedding contract) between Baer and Eltzbacher (1807, in Hebrew).
  • List of wedding gifts (1799; in Hebrew).

Bellman family

  • Eulogy for Samuel Bellman.
  • Genealogy of the Bellman family.

Berg, Sol I.

  • Notes on Berg family history (includes a brief genealogy).
  • Poem entitled "Daddy" (by Sol I. Berg).
  • Biography of Sol I. Berg.
  • "Quinta Berg Built By Bookers on Spanish Land Grant at Ysleta."
  • Obituaries for Sol I. Berg (1935).

"Billy the Kid"

  • Letter - Mrs. Solis Cohen, Mrs. Richard White, to F.Fierman.
  • "Billy the Kid, the Cowboy Outlaw ...recalled by Flora Spiegelberg," by F.Fierman.
  • Review of F.Fierman article, "Billy the Kid...."

Blaugrund, J.B. and Arthur

  • Letter - Isadore Kahn to F. Fierman regarding Blaugrund family history .
  • Genealogy and notes pertaining to the family.
  • "J.B. Blaugrund" by F.Fierman.
  • Article - (El Paso Herald Post) "Retirement is No Good, Says Busy Executive, 70."
  • Copy of "The American Success Story" (by Michael Fones; March 7, 1982).

Bloch, Herman

  • Fierman's notes on the Bloch family.
  • Article - "Judge Goes 'Easy' on Ex-Con."
  • Legal documents (case of Herman Bloch vs. The United States; April 22, 1936).

Blum, Isaac

  • Fierman's notes on Isaac Blum.

Blumenthal family

  • Letter - F.Fierman to Karl Blumenthal (November 9, 1950).
  • Biography of Bernhardt Blumenthal (b. 1856).
  • Obituaries for Adolph Blumenthal who died at the age of 84.
  • Obituary for Sam Blumenthal in the El Paso Times (July 22, 1937).
  • Obituary for Pauline Ullman Blumenthal in the El Paso Times (June 23, 1939).
  • Obituary for Bernard Blumenthal in the El Paso Times (January 20, 1940).
  • Genealogy of the Blumenthal family.

B'nai Abraham Synagogue (Brenham)

  • "History of B'nai Abraham Synagogue" (by Mrs. Sam Toubin).
  • Discussion of B'nai Abraham Synagogue.

B'nai B'rith (El Paso)

  • Pamphlet produced for the Golden Anniversary of the El Paso B'nai B'rith Lodge 509 (1901-1951).
  • Correspondence to members in regard to donations and future meetings (1960-62).
  • B'nai B'rith Voice (official publication for the District Grand Lodge No. 7 of B'nai B'rith).
  • Article - "Lodge Sponsors Tests for Brain Injuries."
  • Three El Paso Jewish Community Center certificates of recognition.
  • National Jewish Monthly (July-August, 1961; by B'nai B'rith).
  • Article which discusses information on research on brain injuries.

Bonem/Goldenberg families

  • Letter - J.W. Bonem to F.Fierman (August 29, 1980).

Borschow/Herskowitz families

  • Genealogy of the Borschow family.
  • Family history of the Borschows written by descendants.

Bromberg, Joseph Hillel

  • Anonymous handwritten notes which provide background on the Bromberg family.

Brownsville, TX

  • Article which discusses interaction between Jews and Blacks in Brownsville.

Brunschwig, Dr. Alexander

  • F.Fierman's notes on the Brunschwig family.
  • Obituary for M. Coblentz (president of the White House Department Store).
  • Obituary for Arthur Coblentz (in the El Paso Times; Oct. 7, 1943).
  • Obituary for Dr. Alexander Brunschwig (New York Times; date unknown).
  • Letter - Robert Adams to Wilfrid Kransthor (May 17, 1984).

Calisher family

  • Genealogy of the Rosenwasser/Calisher families
  • Clippings about the 75th and 80th birthday for Ada Calisher, as well as her obituary.
  • Family history of the Calisher/Rosenwasser family.
  • Photographs - one is of Jacob Calisher; one is of Ada F. Calisher.
  • Articles pertaining to the business of J. Calisher.
  • Photograph of a Calisher home (923 N. Oregon St., El Paso; June 19, 1907).

Cherno family

  • Genealogy and family history of the Cherno family.
  • "Merchant Joe Cherno Dead at 88," El Paso Times (March 5, 1980).
  • Obituary for Joe Cherno.

Chomer Family

  • Fanny Chomer's autobiography (December 1982). Includes genealogy.
  • Correspondence from Fanny Chomer to F.Fierman (Nov. 22, 1982 and February 7, 1983).
  • Portions of Fanny Chomer's autobiography which was published by F.Fierman.
  • Fierman's notes on the Chomer family (includes genealogy).
  • Oral history of Fanny Chomer (February/March 1979).

Cohen, Andy and Syd

  • Articles about Syd Cohen's baseball history (by Abe Canin; 1950-1); in the Arizona Daily Star.
  • "Name Honors El Paso Baseball Pioneers." (December 27, 1989).
  • "El Paso's Cohen Selected for Coaches' Hall." (January 4, 1981).
  • "El Pasoans Pour Love on 'The Old Left-hander.'" (May 26, 1981).
  • F.Fierman's notes which provide a log of Andy and Syd Cohen's career.
  • F.Fierman's manuscript about Andy Cohen.
  • "Andy Cohen: El Paso's 'Mr. Baseball.'"

Cohen, Rabbi Henry

  • Biography of Rabbi Henry Cohen (includes photographs).

Cohen, Rubin

  • Oral history of Rubin Cohen (February/March 1979).

Cohn, Richard

  • Article - (Turner, Virginia) "Pet Rooster Better than Watchdog," El Paso Herald-Post.

Colton, Ralph F.

  • Copy of pages 187-198 of The Jewish Experience In America (ed. by Abraham Karp).

Congregation B'nai Zion (El Paso)

  • Original invitation to the ground-breaking of the new building (May 17, 1981).
  • Article - (Henry, Pat) "The Unveiling of a New Tradition," El Paso Times (Oct. 22, 1983).
  • "A New Synagogue," The El Paso Jewish Voice; vol.10, no.1.
  • Newsletters from the sisterhood of B'nai Zion.
  • Program for the building dedication of Congregation B'nai Zion.
  • Program for the 75th anniversary of Congregation B'nai Zion (1975).
  • Booklet which provides financial and architectural information on the new building (1983).

Dallas Jewry

  • Article - "Inside the Jewish Establishment" (November 1975).

Dreben, Sam

  • Article - "The Fighting Jew" (by Art Leibson).
  • Note on Sam Dreben.
  • F.Fierman's notes on Sam Dreben.

Eger, Albert and Edy

  • Discussion of the ancestry of Albert Eger.
  • Article - (Klusmann, Linda) "Is She Victim or Survivor?," El Paso Herald-Post ( June 10, 1982).

Elion Family

  • Article - "Early Merchant," El Paso Herald-Post (March 1978).
  • Genealogy of the Elion family (June 10, 1982).
  • Copy of last will and testament of Isedor Elion (Jan. 9, 1979).

El Paso, TX

  • Official souvenir program of the El Paso County Centennial (December 1-3, 1950).
  • Program for the centennial celebration.
  • Articles which discuss El Paso and its history (originals and copies).
  • Article - "'In the Beginning' The Jewish Community...," by F. S. Goodman (1970).
  • Manuscript - "There's Jewish Life Outside of New York" (by H. Burnham).
  • The Trail of History of El Paso County (Provides map and historical data on El Paso County).

El Paso (cemetery records)

  • Copy of Concordia Cemetery records (1873-1950).
  • F.Fierman's notes taken from the Concordia Cemetery records.

El Paso (city directory)

  • Notes from the El Paso city directory, (1888-1900; 1909-1910).

El Paso Jewry

  • Article - "El Paso at the Turn of the Century" (by Irving S. Schwartz).
  • Clippings which discuss Jewish pioneers in El Paso (with photographs).

El Paso (synagogues)

  • Brief discussion of synagogues of El Paso.

El Paso Daily Times

  • F.Fierman's notes taken from the El Paso Daily Times for the year 1900.

Epstein. Dr. I.M.

  • Discussion of belief in God between Epstein and F.Fierman; other writings by Epstein.

Erlich, Jake (name changed to Jack Earle)

  • Poster advertising Jack Earle and the Roma Wine Company (1943-44).
  • Article - "Giant Plagued By Few Problems, Even Food Rationing is No Bother" (1944).
  • Articles and photographs on Jack Earle ("tallest man in the world" - 8 feet 6 1/2 inches tall).
  • Announcement from the Roma Wine Co. invitation to join Jack Earle at a wine tasting.
  • Copy of "The Long Shadows....." (by Jack Earle; 1952). Includes poems.
  • Letter - Julius M. Klein to F.Fierman regarding Jack Earle (August 11, 1981).

Feinberg family

  • Brochure for Eppsco (El Paso Pipe and Supply Co.; 1960).
  • Annual reports from Enerserv Products Inc.(1981,1982).
  • Newspaper articles on the Feinberg family from the El Paso Times (1981-82).
  • Program of Fiddler on the Roof in which Izzy and Sara Feinberg were honored.
  • Genealogy and notes on the Feinberg family taken by F.Fierman.
  • Manuscript which provides a brief biography of Izzy and Sara Feinberg.

Feinberg, Sigmund M.

  • Letters - Frances Kallison to Rabbi Jacob Marcus.
  • Letters - Frances Kallison and F.Fierman (June 11, 1988).

Feldman family

  • Letter - Fannie F. Schaenen and Jacob Feldman to F.Fierman (1981).
  • F.Fierman's notes on the Feldman family.
  • Obituary for David Daniel Feldman.

Fertel, Don

  • Item which discusses Don Fertel - a real estate operator and land manager in El Paso.
  • History of Don Fertel's family (by Don Fertel).

Fierman, Floyd - 4f.

  • Excerpts: Guts and Ruts: The Jewish Pioneer on the Trail in the American Southwest.
  • "Blintzes and Flautas, Kabbala and Cost Codes" (by F.Fierman; 1980).
  • Obituary for Fierman.
  • Fierman's vita (1969).
  • Eulogy for Fierman delivered Feb. 16, 1989 by Rabbi Kenneth Weiss.
  • "Service of Consecration" delivered by Fierman (Jan. 8, 1975) in Palm Springs, California.
  • Photograph of Fierman and brief poem.
  • Memorandum: Fierman to A. Chanin granting the Bloom Archives permission to reproduce under his signature any of the monographs that they hold (June 29, 1988).
  • Notes written by Fierman pertaining to his books.
  • Letters - Charles W. Polzeroff to Fierman.
  • Letters - Abraham Chanin to Fierman (Feb. 24, 1987).
  • Article - "The Candelabrum and the Luminarios" (by Fierman).
  • Article - "From Guten Tag to Buenos Dias...," (by Fierman).
  • Various manuscripts by Fierman.


  • Documentation from the Harding-Orr and McDaniel funeral homes regarding the funerals of J. H. Fischbein, M. Fischbein, G. R. Fischbein, L. Fischbein, and K. F. Taylor.
  • Fierman's notes on the Fischbein family.

Forchheimer family

  • Letter - from Paul Forchheimer to Fierman.
  • Copy of section of "History of Brewster County" (by C.B. Casey; 1972).
  • Article - "Forchheimer's, Landmark Department Store, Sells" (June 3, 1976).

Frank, Benny

Freed, Sol

  • Biography of Solomon Freed.
  • Article - "Freed to Start New Lifestyle," El Paso Herald-Post (October 1, 1982).

Freiden, Jarvis P.

  • Notes and genealogy of the Freiden family (compiled by Fierman).

Friedman, Max

  • Disability discharge certificate from army issued to M. Friedman (Jan. 11, 1918).

Furman, Norton

  • Handwritten genealogy and history of the Furman family (by Norton Furman).
  • Letter and article written by N. Furman and sent to F.Fierman.

BOX 6 Texas

Galatzan Family (El Paso)

  • Obituary for Joe Galatzan.
  • Letter - M. Galatzan to A. Chanin (1989)
  • Article - "The Galatzans of El Paso, Texas" (by M. Galatzan).
  • Article - "Judge Galatzan Son of Immigrants" (Oct. 7, 1951).

Galveston Project

  • Copy of selected section from Galveston (by D. McComb).
  • Article -"The Galveston Movement" (by Henry Cohen).
  • Passage on Rabbi Henry Cohen (1974).
  • Article - "Spreading the Jewish Migrant in America..." (by L. Shpall).

Garbar family

  • Article - "Owner Default Puts Tenants in Water Fix," El Paso Herald-Post (July 26, 1984).

Genealogies (El Paso and vicinity)

  • Various genealogies from El Paso and the vicinity.

Giesberg, Morris

  • Letters - Dick Giesberg to F.Fierman (1983).
  • List of pioneers in which Morris Giesberg's name is found.
  • Article - (Giesberg, Richard A.) "Mission to Ethiopia" (1982).
  • Article - (Roos, Joseph) "Building Bridges of Understanding" (July 15, 1983).
  • Article (in German) about Alexander Giesberg.
  • Article - "Ex-Refusenik Discovers L.A. Advocate By Photo" (April, 25, 1983).
  • Article - "The Plight of Ethiopia's Falasha Viewed First-Hand" (by Ruth Landis; April 1982).

Given family

  • Program of the Given family reunion (July 1982; includes genealogies).
  • Birth registration of Shoya [Given?] (written in German with English translation; 1882).
  • Certificate of citizenship for Charles Given (May 14, 1895; includes photograph).
  • Certificate of naturalization of Max Trogman (March 9, 1891).
  • Article - "Transition List 'Given' Wrong Name," El Paso Times (December 18, 1982).
  • Obituary for Deborah Given (February 22, 1983).
  • Genealogy of the Given family.
  • Letter - E.F. Cameron (attorney) to the beneficiaries of Morris Given.
  • Letter - Maurice N. Eisendrath to "Friends" about cornerstone-laying (October 1950).
  • F.Fierman's notes and genealogy of the Given family.
  • "Given Family Tree" as organized by immediate families.

Goldfarb, Sol and Leona

  • Article - "Leona Goldfarb, 80, Still Offers Security" (October 16, 1980).

Goldoft Family

  • Excerpt from Texas and Texans on Nathan and Maurice Goldoft.

Goldman, Milton, Fred, and Nathan

  • Article - "PLO, not Mexicans, Responsible for Bigotry, El Paso Jews Decide" (Feb. 1, 1983).
  • Article - "He's Not Fooled." (Jan. 16, 1984).
  • Articles about N. and M. Goldman's ideas about stone-washed jeans (1980, 1982).
  • Letter to friends about Jimmy Goldman's campaign (June 12, 1982).
  • Invitation to the 50th wedding anniversary of Pauline and Milton Goldman (March 1982).
  • Letter - Nathan Goldman to F.Fierman.
  • Advertisement for Jim Goldman's campaign.

Goldstein, Abraham H.

  • Obituary for Abraham H. Goldstein (Nov. 22, 1933).

Goodman family

  • Article - "In the Beginning: The Jewish Community of El Paso, Texas" (1970).
  • Article - "Joseph Hillel Goodman: Pioneer of the Early Southwest, 1895."
  • F.Fierman's manuscript notes and genealogies on the Goodman family.
  • Article - "....Jumbled Journal of a Canyon Crossing" (by H.M. Goodman, 1968).
  • Letter - to F.Fierman from Goodman family members (Dec. 12, 1950).
  • Clippings discussing the Goodman Building and the businesses of the Goodman family.
  • Confirmation issued to Isidore Bernard Goodman (1912).
  • Warranty deed issued to Joseph H. Goodman (Oct. 25, 1916).
  • Unidentified correspondence written in the 1870s.
  • Article and advertisement for the Goodman's insurance business.

Goodman, Ignatius

  • Biography of Goodman by his daughter, Martha Katz (1979).
  • F.Fierman's brief genealogy of the Goodman family.

Gordon, Frank and Leah

  • Brief history of Frank Gordon and Leah Strauss Gordon.

Gottlieb, Harry and Ray

  • Document entitled "Gottlieb Family History."
  • F.Fierman's notes on the Gottlieb family.
  • Genealogy of the Gottlieb family.
  • Eulogy for David Gottlieb.
  • Letter regarding the immigration of Meyer Gottlieb's family (April-July 1939).

Harris, Polly

  • Two obituaries for Polly Harris (El Paso Times; Dec. 7,13, 1987).

Hart, Simeon

  • F. Fierman's notes on Simeon Hart (March 27, 1979).
  • Article - "About Simeon Hart"(discusses Simeon's affiliation with the Catholic church).
  • Order form by F.Fierman requests photocopies on Simeon Hart.
  • U.S. Army muster roll indicating Simeon Hart's presence in the Mexican War (1847-48).

Heil, Levy, and Talpis

  • Correspondence from Rabbi Eugene Levy to Fierman with regard to his family tree.
  • Genealogy of the Heil family compiled by Rabbi Eugene Levy.
  • Clipping - El Paso Times (1967; dedicated to the Union Fashion Store owned by Levy and Talpis, and originally founded by Louis Heil).

Heinemann, Sol and K.

  • Article - "El Paso Poet...." (about Katherine Heinemann's poetry reading at the Library of Congress, as well as her experiences in Washington D.C.).
  • Letter - (June 12, 1982) from K. Heinemann to Fierman in regard to an article.
  • Article written by the father of K. Heinemann which discusses Benjamin Disraeli.
  • Heinemann family history (begins in 1826).
  • Commentary by S. Heinemann (1982; discusses a compromise for abortion).
  • Sol Heinemann's vita.

Himelstein, Philip

  • Brief biography of Philip and Peggy Don Himelstein.

Holland family

  • Fierman's notes on the Holland Family (June 1980).

Horwitz family

  • Fierman's notes on the Horwitz family.
  • Correspondence - Horwitz family to Fierman (about family history).
  • Extensive genealogy of the Horwitz family compiled by Fierman.
  • El Paso Community College newspaper (1988).

Jacobs, Albert Sidney

  • Notes on Albert Sidney Jacobs and other family members (Aug. 10, 1978).

The Jewish Voice of El Paso

Joske Family

  • Clippings - (1978; discusses family dry goods and clothing store, begun in San Antonio in 1873).
  • Clipping - (1923; by Alexander Joske; discusses the strengths Jews and Christians).
  • Letter - St. Joseph's Church to Mr. and Mrs. Schwartz (June 9, 1939).

Kahn family

  • Letter - Micheal Kahn to Fierman about his pamphlet "Beyond War" (1986).
  • Pamphlet - "Beyond War: A New Way of Thinking" (1985).

Kahn, Simon

  • Kahn family tree.
  • Clippings - (1961) about the history of Kahn's bakery business which began in 1913 in El Paso.
  • Full page advertisement for Kahn's Bakery, Inc.

Kallison family

  • Letters - members of family to Fierman (1955-88; on history of El Paso Jews).

Kandel, Ben

  • Editorial - (1983) El Paso Times (from Ben Kandel - about communism and the third world).

Katz family

  • Katz family genealogy compiled by Fierman
  • Letter - Sugarman Bros. to B. Katz (1919; about value of Sugarman Bros. Store - El Paso).
  • Letter from Shirley Nussbaum to Fierman (1972; on family history from 1899).

Kellen, Henry

  • Fierman's notes and genealogy of Katzenellenbogen family who immigrated to the United States from Lithuania in 1946 and changed name to Kellen.
  • Excerpt - brief biography of several members of the Katzenellenbogen family.
  • Clipping - (1982) Henry Kellen - survivor of the Nazi Holocaust.

Kern, Martin

  • Brief genealogy of the Kern and Cohen family compiled by Fierman.
  • Announcement - (1979) Martin Kern promoted to Executive VP, State National Bank.
  • Biography of the Kern family.
  • Letters from Martin Kern to Fierman (1983).
  • Article - (1982; by David Kern) on divorce and child support.
  • Advertisement for State National Bank (includes photo of Martin Kern; 1982).
  • Announcement in the El Paso Times that Martin Kern was retiring (1985).

Kline, Arthur A.

  • Fierman's brief notes on Arthur Kline.
  • Letter - Harold Sharfman to Fierman about envelope from store of Arthur A Kline (1982).

Kline, Joseph and Miriam

  • Joseph Kline's autobiography.

Kohlberg, Ernst and Olga - 2f.

  • Letters by E. Kohlberg (1875-1877; trans. from German by W. Kohlberg; over 100 typed pages of letters as well as a brief biography of Ernst Kohlberg).
  • Fierman's notes regarding Ernst Kohlberg.
  • Clippings about E. Kohlberg's cigar business (1881-1924).
  • Obituaries for Olga Kohlberg.
  • Speech - Olga Kohlberg to the Women Pioneer's Luncheon (February 14, 1924).
  • Program of the memorial service for Olga Kohlberg.
  • Letter - J.B. Rawlings to Olga Kohlberg about her letter of resignation (Feb. 17, 1926).
  • Genealogy of the Kohlberg family.
  • Clipping - (1978) discusses the organizational involvement of Olga Kohlberg.
  • Clipping - (1981) discusses Olga Kohlberg's organizational involvement.

Kohut, Rabbi

  • Letter - addressed to "Dear Sufferer" (1902).

Krakauer, Adolph, Zork, and Moye

  • Addresses of Adolfo, Zork, and Moye Krakauer from Mexican directories (1908-9).
  • Article - "Las Vallita Man is Witness in Salt War Killing of 1875" (about murder of Col. Crimmons by Judge Charles H. Howard and the witness of the killing, Adolph Krakauer).
  • Letter from Arthur Obermayer to Fierman requesting information on family (1985).
  • Letter from Leon Obermayer to Fierman provides information on family (Oct. 25, 1965).
  • Fierman's notes and brief genealogy of the Krakauer family.
  • Excerpt from Texas and Texans with history of Krakauer businesses.
  • Clippings - (El Paso Herald-Post) "Accidental Explosion Kills Robert Krakauer, Out Hunting" (1919; trans. of article by Fierman, and notes on R. Krakauer Memorial building; 1920-1).
  • Article - "History of the Robert Krakauer Memorial Building" (by El Paso Executive Women's Council).

Krupp, Alvin and Janet

Krupp family

  • Notes from Fierman's interview with Frank Pickrell (April 14, 1964).
  • Excerpt - "The Permian Basin: Petroleum Empire...." (by S.D. Myres).
  • Excerpt - "Santa Rita" (by Martin W. Schwettmann; regarding business ventures of Haymon Krupp and Frank T. Pickrell).
  • Letters - Fierman and the University of Texas (about Haymon Krupp; 1964).
  • Article - "Historical Sketch of the Petroleum Development on University Lands" (Berte R. Haigh).
  • Letter - Logan Wilson (Univ. of Texas) to Fierman with regard to the reconstruction of the Santa Rita No.1 rig for permanent display at the University (Nov. 4, 1958).
  • Pamphlet which addresses the investment changes for the University's fiscal year 1977-78.
  • Article - "The Myth of UT's Millions" (describes oil's influence on the Permanent Fund).
  • George G. Matkin's remembrances of Hayman Krupp (Nov. 8, 1979).
  • Article - (New York Times) "The University of Texas Strikes Oil."
  • Fierman's notes on Hayman Krupp.
  • Legal document - Hayman Krupp vs. the United States of Mexico (1914).
  • Financial analysis of The United, Inc. (1929-1950; compiled in 1980 by S.H. Lauterbach).
  • Letter - Texas Secretary of State to Fierman about Hayman Krupp (Dec. 19, 1979).
  • Letter from Haymon Krupp to Harry Spitz with regard to a trust agreement (May 30, 1941).
  • Stock certificate issued to Haymon Krupp (1940).
  • Contract - Haymon Krupp and the State National Bank of El Paso (May 19, 1941).
  • "Who's Who Section," The Standard Blue Book- Texas (a brief entry on Haymon Krupp).
  • Fierman's notes and genealogy of the Krupp family.
  • Leon Krupp's reminiscence of being a volunteer in the Arizona National Guard.
  • Will of Rebecca Goldstein Krupp.
  • Letter - Elias Krupp to Carlyn Krupp about his interactions with Pancho Villa (Oct. 11, 1965).
  • Obituary for Birdie Krupp Hewitt (daughter of Haymon Krupp; April 1979).

Krupp, Haymon - 2f.

  • Fierman's notes on the Krupp family (written on note cards).
  • Article - "Pioneering For Deep Oil in Southwest Texas" (about his oil and land company).
  • Article which addresses Haymon Krupp and his Santa Rita rig.
  • Article - "Haymon Krupp, Economic Advisor" (written by Fierman).
  • Clipping - (1936; New York Post) Krupp ridicules the charge of socialism against Pres. Roosevelt.
  • Letter - (1983) from Paul Krupp to Fierman about two photographs of Krupp's family.
  • Letter - (1980) to Fierman from "Eph" (discusses Eli, Paul, and Haymon Krupp).
  • Biography and chronology of the life of Haymon Krupp (compiled by Alan Krupp).
  • Article - "Haymon Krupp, Economic Adventurer in the Southwest" (by Fierman; 1981).
  • Clipping - (1983) history of El Paso at the turn of the century.
  • Clipping - (1981) discusses Fierman's article on Haymon Krupp; brief Description of Haymon Krupp.
  • Brief biography of Harris Krupp (by his son, Paul Krupp).
  • Biography on Harris Krupp taken from Texas and Texans.
  • Excerpt - (p.116) Southwest Saga by McGaw (mentions the El Paso Hyman Krupp Company).
  • Press release - announces that the original Santa Rita oil well will pump again (Nov. 20, 1958).
  • Letter - Texas House of Representatives to Mrs. Rebecca Krupp (introduces a memorial resolution concerning Mr. Krupp; March 5, 1949).
  • Letter - El Paso Community Chest (a resolution in honor of Mr. Krupp; April 1, 1949).
  • Financial statement - contribution of funds to Mt. Sinai Congregation in honor of Haymon Krupp (1944).
  • Resolution in memorial of Haymon Krupp Trustees of Mt. Sinai Congregation.
  • Resolution - El Paso American Legion honors Haymon Krupp (1929).
  • Resolutions commemorating the death of Haymon Krupp (1949).
  • Letter - Rabbi Wendell Phillips to Rebecca Krupp (about death of Haymon Krupp).
  • Letter - Alan Stone to Fierman requests advice for getting Krupp into El Paso Hall of Honor (1964).
  • Statement by Hadassah in memorial of Haymon Krupp.
  • Dedication speech for the Krupp Memorial Hall (Nov. 10, 1950; by Rabbi J. Roth).
  • Description of the Haymon Krupp Memorial Chapel.
  • Letter - Alan Stone to Fierman (1964, about 1936 article; in Yiddish).
  • Articles which praise Haymon Krupp and provide biographical sketches of him.
  • Document - "Resolution Concerning the Death of Hayman Krupp."
  • Nomination of H. Krupp for election to the El Paso Hall of Honor (with vitae).
  • Financial statement - (1938) Congregation B'nai Zion honors H. Krupp and awards him a cash gift.
  • Obituaries for Haymon Krupp.
  • Eulogy for Haymon Krupp.

Lapowski, Nathan

  • Obituary for Nathan Lapowski.
  • Article - "Treasury Secretary..." (1961; discusses C.D. Dillon's ties to Lapowski family).
  • Description of the Nathan Lapowski family.
  • Description of the Edmund Klein family.
  • Letter - Jacob Marcus and William Nathan to Fierman.
  • Speech by C.P. Fox about Errold Baum Lapowski.
  • Certificate of Mrs. N. Lapowski from the United Daughters of the Confederacy (1920).
  • Article - "Picks Will Be Revealed During Weekend," El Paso Times (Dec. 8, 1968).

Laskin/Talpis family

  • Letter - Lou Blumenthal to Fierman (April 12, 1972).
  • Letter - Margaret Blumenthal to Fierman (Sept. 21, 1983).
  • Genealogy and family history compiled by Fierman (June 2, 1980).

Lebuish family

  • Family tree of the Lebuish family.

Lefkowitz, Carlyle Jerome

  • Certificate - honorable discharge of C. J. Lefkowitz from U.S. Navy (March 1946).

Levenson, Sol

  • Genealogies for the Braunstien, Barnett, and Levenson families.
  • Biography of Solomon Levenson (compiled by Fierman).
  • Brief biography of Solomon Levenson.

Levitt, Leonard

  • Article - "Tribunal Meets to Hear Charges," The Prospector (July 15, 1982).
  • Article - "Levitt Hearing Postponed," The Prospector (July 22, 1982).
  • Article - "Regents Fire UTEP Professor," El Paso Times (Dec. 4, 1982).
  • Fierman's notes with regard to the case against Leonard Levitt.

Levy, Abraham

  • Biography of Abraham Levy.
  • Article -"A Cavalcade of Victoria and Victoria County..."
  • Abraham Levy's application for U.S. citizenship (Jan. 21, 1849).

Levy, Myer

  • Letter to Fierman from Jeanne L. Gelber (Oct. 10, 1980).

Lipson family

  • Manuscript which outlines some of the Lipson family history.
  • Lipsonian Kinsmen Newsletter (October 1981).

Loewenstein, James and Juana

  • Obituaries for Juana Buchanan Loewenstein, with photo, Jan. 30, 1940.

Mathias, Albert

  • Obituaries for Albert Mathias (1946).
  • Genealogy of the Mathias family (compiled by Fierman).
  • Miscellaneous articles about Albert Mathias.

Mayer family

Mayer, Rebecca Cohen

Moye, Max

  • F.Fierman's notes on E. Moye taken from the El Paso Herald-Post.
  • Obituaries for Edward Moye (1933).
  • Obituary for Max Moye (1933).

Nordwald family - 2f.

  • Article - "El Pasoans Sue to Get Back Death Mask" (Feb. 26, 1983).
  • Letter - Leonardo M. Mayer to Fierman (July 5, 1982).
  • Letter - Treasury Dept. to Fierman (July 26, 1967).
  • Letter - American Consulate (Juarez, Chih. Mexico) to Fierman (June 6, 1967).
  • Letter - to National Archives from Fierman (August 23, 1965).
  • Letter - from Fierman to B. Nordwald, B. Mayer and S. Amberg (July 7, 1965).
  • Letter - federal agencies to Fierman's request for information (1965).
  • Fierman's notes and manuscript on the Nordwald family.
  • Biography Otto Nordwald.
  • Article - "Historia de la Cia. Industrial Nordwald S.A.," El Heraldo (April 2, 1950).
  • Letter - Louis H. Scott to F.H. Seward (Asst. Secretary of State; July 9, 1877).
  • Report - death of Henry Nordwald (from Consulate in Chihuahua, Mexico; Jan. 15, 1924).
  • Applications for registration and citizenship in America by Auguste Nordwald (1933).
  • Certification of naturalization of Heineman Nordwald (March 3, 1870).
  • Last will and testament of Henry Nordwald (Sept. 2, 1931; includes translation).
  • Dispatch No. 23 (Sept. 12, 1879) - American consulate at Chihuahua to State Dept.
  • Instruction No. 23 (October 7, 1879 and Sept. 26, 1879) - state to consulate, Chihuahua.
  • Dispatch - consulate to state (Sept. 18, Oct. 3, 31, Nov. 7, 28, 1879).
  • Order (trans.) of Gabriel Casavantes (Nov. 7, 1879; receipt for amount of forced loan).
  • Proclamation (trans.) of Jesus Jose Casavantes (Oct. 31, 1879).
  • Telegram (trans.) - Jesus Jose Casavantes to the President of the Republic (Nov. 2, 1879).
  • Dispatch (trans.) - Jesus Jose Casavantes to the Secretary of Interior (Oct. 31, 1879).
  • Orders signed by Gabriel Casavantes imposing a forced loan on Henry Nordwald.
  • Affidavit of Otto Nordwald (July 6, 1935).
  • Letters - F. Macmanos and Sons and H. Nordwald to the U.S. Minister (March 5, 1877).
  • Letter - Louis H. Scott to John W. Foster (March 8, 1877).
  • Case - the United States in the case of Macmanus and Nordwald (May 26, 1877).
  • Letters - Louis H. Scott to State (March 5-July 9, 1877 and November 17, 1879).
  • Letters - State to L.H. Scott (about forced loans on Americans in Mexico; October 7, 1879).
  • Claim by Henry Norwald to the State of Texas, County of El Paso (July 6, 1935).
  • Letter from Theo A.P. Brown to Mr. Nordwald.

BOX 7 Texas

Novick/Lerner family

  • Genealogy of the family compiled by Fierman.

Oppenheim, Ed

  • Conversation between Ed Oppenheim and Fierman (March 18, 1980).

Paso Del Norte Jewish Historical Society

  • Bulletin - membership information, letters, and general announcements.

Phillipowski, Lyon (various spellings of surname)

Picard/Bargman family

Pryzant family

  • Letter - Nat and Doris Pryzant to Abe and Mildred Chanin (1992).
  • Story by Sig Forman about Reb Itzhak (told to Forman by his grandfather).

Roberts, Frieda

  • Incomplete form (the Oral History Project; 1979) - based on interview with Frieda Roberts.

Rosen family

  • Genealogy of the Rosen family compiled by Fierman.

Rosenbaum, Louis

  • Fierman's notes on Louis Rosenbaum.
  • Letter - to F. and Edy Fierman from Dot and Bill (June 12, 1978).
  • Article - "A Chauffeured Limousine to El Paso," L A. Times (May, 28, 1978).

Rosenfield family

  • Letter - Leon Rosenfeld, Jr. to Fierman (1981-82).
  • Genealogy of the Rosenfeld family (compiled by Fierman).
  • Extensive genealogy of the Rosenfeld family (author unknown).

Roth, Rabbi Joseph M.

  • Greek Papyri Lights on Jewish History (New York; 1924).
  • Biography of Joseph Roth (by Fierman).
  • Article - "The Man Who Planted Vineyards" (by Hymer Rosen; a biography of Roth).

Rubin family

  • Fierman's notes on Louis Rubin.
  • Clipping - "$2 Million Plaza to Open...," El Paso Times (August 16, 1984).

Rueff, Gilbert

  • Article - "Three Suspects Held in Juarez Kidnapping..." (transcription by Fierman).
  • Brief Biography of Arturo Ducas (by Fierman; Ducas was Gilbert Rueff's uncle).
  • Arturo Ducas of Juarez (author unknown).

Sabal family

  • Fierman's notes on the Sabal family.
  • Form - (by the Oral History Project; 1979; interviewee was Matilde Sabal).

Sanger family

  • Excerpt - Memorial and Biographical History of Dallas County, Texas (1892).
  • Article - "A Letter of a Texas Pioneer, 1909" (by Morris Lasker), The Menorah Journal (Spring 1936; includes a letter from Morris Lasker to Mr. Sanger about business and family history).
  • Letters from George Kohut to Sanger family (1902).
  • "Isaac Sanger: From Texas...1914" (biography of Isaac Sanger).
  • Article - "The Story of Sanger Bros.," Dallas Morning News (Sept. 17, 1949).
  • Article - "The Story of Sanger Bros., Pioneer Retail Store of Texas," Southwest Jewish Chronicle.
  • Brief biography of Lehman Sanger.
  • Unidentified articles on the Sanger family.

Schick, Robert

  • Story about him by his nephew, Joe Bamell - "The Violet Megaphone" (1988).
  • Article - "Memories of My Life" (1988; Schick recalls experience in New York City and after).

Schlusselberg family

  • Brief genealogy of the Schlusselberg family (compiled by Fierman).

Schoichet, Kopilowitz, and Brown (Wholesome Dairy of El Paso)

  • Article - "Lithuanian Immigrant Fills Great Promise..." (about Lazar Kopilowitz).
  • Genealogy of the Furman and Kopilowitz families.
  • Clipping - (1980) award given to Bernard Schoichet.
  • Articles on Kopilowitz family and the dairy industry and real estate.
  • Clipping - (1960) on Wholesome Dairy.
  • Fierman's notes on Litman Brown.
  • Coba News, vol. XIV, no. 8 (October 1961; Ohio breeding association newsletter).

Schuster family

  • Fierman's notes on the Schuster family.
  • Article - "Eugenia Schuster Leaves Legend...," El Paso Times (May 12, 1981; on Michael and Eugenia).
  • Obituaries for Bernard Schuster (June 1942).
  • Clippings - on Schuster wedding anniversaries (1933-1941).
  • Obituaries for Mrs. Bernard Schuster (August 30, 1949).
  • Clipping - "Mrs. Bernard Schuster, Matriarch...85th Birthday" (Aug. 22, 1948).

Schutz family (various spellings of surname)

  • Article - "Our Southwest Since American Settlement" (1920).
  • Genealogy and notes by Fierman.
  • Article - "Biographical and Historical Sketch of Mr. Samuel Schutz."
  • Article - "Valley Club Announces Centennial Silver Tea In Old Schutz Place" (1936).
  • Article - "Will Shutes Tells....," El Paso Times (1937; brief biography of Will Shutes).

Schwartz, Adolph

  • Testimonial dinner (1924; on his tenure as president of the chamber of commerce).
  • Letter - Irving Schwartz to Fierman on his writings on Adolph and family (Oct. 21, 1970).
  • Fierman's notes on A. Schwartz and Fanny A. Schwartz (from Ruth Zork and Irving Schwartz).
  • Reminiscence on Adolph Schwartz written by Chris Fox and sent to Fierman (1978).
  • Anecdotes of Adolph Schwartz (written by George Matkin to Fierman; 1978).
  • Letter - (1978) M.B. Amstater to Ruth Zork.
  • Letter - (1980) from Fierman (on the El Paso National Bank and Schwartz's involvement).
  • Article - "Traveling Merchant is Great Store's Builder," El Paso Evening Post (May 30, 1928).
  • Obituaries for Adolph Schwartz (1941).
  • Clippings - on financial investments and philanthropic activity of Schwartz (1935-36).
  • Clipping - marriage of Adolph Schwartz and Jennie Berg (1936).
  • Last will and testament of Adolph Schwartz (August 6, 1938).
  • Documents - on will of A. Schwartz (1941; appraisal of real estate).

Schwartz family

  • Telegrams (24) - to and from (Maurice) Schwartz (1940; some to and from Budapest).
  • Letters (59) - to Maurice Schwartz from Hungary (in Hungarian; 1939-40; some translated into English).
  • Letters (47) - to and from M., Nandor, Sam, and Emanuel Schwartz (1940; some translated into English).
  • Business letters - to and from Popular Dry Goods (1933, 1940).
  • Letters (12) - Mendly to Nuchem (1939-40).
  • Receipts from the Popular Dry Goods Dept. Store (1939-40).
  • Edith Schwartz - "My Family" (December 19, 1962; Schwartz family history).
  • Genealogy of the Schwartz family.
  • Street maps which depict various property parcels.
  • Clipping - (1981) on Maurice and Adolph Schwartz and their business and social ventures.
  • Clipping - (1940) applauds Mayer Schwartz and classmates for superior posture.
  • Clipping (1939) on dinner for Emanuel Schwartz and his fiancee, Ruth Ditch.
  • Notes on family (source unknown).
  • Notes on the Schwartz family used in Fierman's book entitled The Schwartz Family of El Paso.
  • Letters to Fierman with regard to his book The Schwartz Family of El Paso (1980).
  • Review of The Schwartz Family of El Paso in the El Paso Herald-Post (August 13, 1980).

Schwartz (Immigration and Naturalization Service)

  • Letters - (1978) Immigration and Naturalization Service to Fierman (about Schwartz family).
  • Adolph Schwartz's application for naturalization; Maurice Schwartz's alien registration form; documents about the location and date of entry of Adolph Schwartz into the United States.

Schwartz, Irving

  • Fierman's manuscript on Irving Schwartz.
  • Resume of Irving Schwartz.
  • Testimony - Louis Bruce (Bureau of Indian Affairs) and Irving Schwartz.
  • Document - about case of Hopi Indians vs. Peter MacDonald (1973).
  • Letter - Peter MacDonald to Morris Thompson (with regard to Schwartz's role as a consultant).
  • Letters and statements (1970s; about Schwartz and the Bureau of Indian Affairs).
  • Article - "Irving Schwartz Tells Plans to Retire June 1," El Paso Times (May 18, 1961).
  • Handwritten map by Irving Schwartz of New Mexico.
  • Letters of recommendation for Irving Schwartz's application for the U.S. Reserve Corps (1917).
  • Notes written by Irving Schwartz for Fierman about background of the Schwartz family.
  • Articles about Irving Schwartz's business career in creating markets for Indian products.
  • Letters from Anne Moore to Fierman in regard to Irving Schwartz (1981).

Schwartz, James

  • Poetry written by James Schwartz (entitled "Exile of the Ineffable").

Schwartz, Maurice

  • Obituaries for Maurice Schwartz (1954).
  • Last will and testament of Maurice Schwartz (December 27, 1952).
  • Fierman's notes on Maurice Schwartz.
  • Article - (1978) from Hungarian News Agency, Budapest.

Schwartz (Popular Dry Goods)

  • Charter for the A. Schwartz Company (1902).
  • The Voice of The Popular; no. 1 (December 1925; published monthly by Popular Dry Goods).
  • Discussion of the Popular Dry Goods Company, Inc. by Herbert Schwartz (August 10, 1978).
  • Clipping - (1982) "The Popular: 80 Years of Border Growth" (about A. Schwartz and store).
  • Popular Poppins (August 1978; bulletin for Popular store employees).
  • Article - "New Distribution Center to Open," El Paso Times (August 8, 1975).
  • Article about the building and operations of Popular Dry Goods Distribution Center.
  • Article - "Story of the Popular Dry Goods Company" (by Kay Deaver; 1957).
  • Articles about 50th anniversary celebration of Popular Dry Goods (1952).
  • Letter - Henry Desenberg to Fierman (Feb. 18, 1980).
  • Program for a cabaret dance performed for employees by the men's club of The Popular.
  • Letter - Herbert Schwartz to Fierman (denies a proposed $6,000 grant from the Foundation; 1980).
  • Article - "Popular Dry Goods Company Celebrates 50 Years of Growth" (September 1952).
  • Nova: University of Texas at El Paso Magazine; vol. 13, no.2 (March 1978).
  • Article - (1961) about the history and growth of the Popular Dry Goods Co.
  • Bill of sale (February 1904).
  • Obituaries for I. Weiss, manager of Popular Dry Goods Co. (1935).
  • Article - "The Popular, Now 65, Grew With City of El Paso" (1967; source unknown).
  • Letter - (1961) Deveryle Weiss to Fierman about Schwartz family and store.

Schwartz (rescue from Hungary)

  • Letter - (1978) Mrs. Erich Spier to Fierman (on events in the exodus from Hungary during the 1940s).
  • Letters from family members trying to escape Hungary (in Hungarian, with translations).
  • Article by Fierman - about Schwartz family during the Holocaust; provides a discussion of Hungary before and during W.W.II, as well as Maurice and Nandor Schwartz's role in the rescue).
  • Notes by Fierman during an interview with Leo Schwartz.
  • Clipping - El Paso Herald-Post (1982; about Leo and Edith Schwartz' move to Israel).
  • Documents and correspondence - (1939-40) about the Schwartz family leaving Europe.

Schwartz, Sam

  • Article - "Narrative For Historical Marker..." (biographical note on Sam Schwartz).
  • Article -"Sam Schwartz: A Pioneer of the Theater Industry" (1974).

Schwartz (women in the family)

  • Clipping - (1982) about the business executive Edi Brannon (daughter of Herbert Schwartz).
  • Clipping about auction of sterling silver of Hedwig Mathias Schwartz.
  • Articles - about Mrs. Maurice Schwartz's involvement in Temple Mt. Sinai (1936 to 1966).
  • Notes - about roles of Georgie K. Schwartz and Ann S. Goodman in women's organizations.

Shwayder family

  • Article - (1964) provides history of Shwayder Bros. Grocery and the Shwayder family.

Silberberg, Abraham

  • Clippings - El Paso Times (April 26, 1934; A. Silberberg's connection with El Paso).

Silver, Necha

  • Notes - interview compiled by the Oral History Project (1979; genealogy of the Silver family).

Simon family

  • Letter - (1983) Evelyn Fox to Fierman (requests his book on Jews of El Paso).
  • Letters - (1982) Marion Simon Garmel to Fierman (trip to Israel and family history).
  • Clipping - (1981) about Sam Simon and his role as a consumer advocate.
  • Genealogy of the Simon family (compiled by Fierman).
  • Clipping - (1982) about Sam Simon's role as a consumer advocate.

Smith, Joe H.

  • Letters - (1963-64) Smith to Fierman (information on Frank and Charles Sperling).

Snyder, Mike

  • Letter - (1980) Morris A. Galatzan to Fierman (about Jacob Snyder).
  • Fierman's notes on the Snyder family (June 10, 1980).

Spier/Behrend families

  • Article - "Family Chronicle" (by Itzig Behrend; Germany; ca. 1829; intro. by W. Bonwitt; 1978).
  • Article - "A Message to Werner Spier..." (by Fierman; about the Spiers).

Stein, Aaron

  • Obituary for Aaron Stein.

Strickland, Rex W.

  • Article - "My Love Affair with the Mesilla Times" (about the New Mexico newspaper).

Temple Beth El (Corsicana, TX)

  • Article - (1990) about group who save Temple Beth El (includes photographs).

Temple Mount Sinai

  • Article - "The Eternal Light and the Cross" (by Fierman; about new temple building).

Texas history

  • Population study - (El Paso; 1836-1905) compiled by El Paso Public Library.

Texas Jewish Historical Society

  • Texas Jewish Historical Society Newsletter (Austin, TX; 1986, 1989-90,1993-1997).
  • Letter - Society to A. Chanin (1989).

Zielonka, Rabbi Martin

  • Article - "Martin Zielonka: Rabbi..." (1982).
  • Letters - (1957-58) Martin Zielonka to Evelyn Rosen (with regard to his father).


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