ARIZONA REFERENCE FILES, ca. 1850 - 1998 [bulk: 1870 - 1970]


University of Arizona Library Manuscript Collection SJA 004


The Arizona Reference Files, bulk 1870s to 1960s, contain wide-ranging types of material regarding Jewish individuals and institutions in Arizona, principally southern Arizona. This material is especially reflective of the late-nineteenth century and the role of Jews in the Arizona Territory. The files consist primarily of newspaper clippings, scholarly and popular articles and excerpts, obituaries, auto-biographical reminiscences, copies of historical records, and correspondence. The bulk of the collection consists of secondary source material.

Nine BOXes; Eleven linear feet.


Collected by or donated to the Bloom Southwest Jewish Archives from various sources.


There are no restrictions on Access to this collection.


Request for permission to publish from the collection should be discussed with the Manuscripts Librarian. It is the researcher's responsibility to obtain the necessary publication rights and Copyright clearances for any planned publication.


Files are arranged alphabetically according to the name of the relevant individual, institution, or the subject matter of the file.


Aaron, Sam

Abend-Dulberg family

Abraham (surname)

Abraham, Henry

Abraham, Jake

Abrahams, Bertram

Abrahams, Sidney, J.

Abrams, Dr. Herbert

Abrams, Stanley

Abramson, Harry

Abramson, S.

Ackerman, Abraham

Ackerman, Harry and family

Adler, Dr. Albert

All Peoples Synagogue (Tucson)

Alpert, Dr. Joseph

Alter, Lewis J.

Alter, Dr. Wilfred

Amado, Melissa

America - Israel Friendship League, Tucson Chapter/Jerusalem

American Friends of the Hebrew University (correspondence, publicity) - 2f.

American Friends of the Hebrew University (finances) - 2f.

American Friends of the Hebrew University (membership)

American Friends of the Hebrew University (record of minutes)

Amitim ("Jewish Peace Corps")

Amster, Leopold

Anne Frank Exhibit (advertisements)

Anne Frank Exhibit (articles)

Anne Frank Exhibit (educational outreach)

Anne Frank Exhibit (organizers)

Anne Frank Exhibit (public relations)

Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith, Arizona Chapter

Anti-Semitism in Arizona

Anti-Semitism in Tucson

Appel, Horace Hilary (Sr. and Jr.)

Appel, Nathan B. (affidavits)

Appel, Nathan B. (Arizona Pioneers' Historical Society)

Appel, Nathan B.(biographical material)

Appel, Nathan B. (book excerpts)

Appel, Nathan B. (correspondence)

Appel, Nathan B.(newspaper stories, 1850s-1890s; n.d.) - 2f.

Appel, Nathan B. (obituaries)

Appel, Nathan B. (research - Arizona Historical Society [Rabbi Floyd Fierman])

Appel, Rev. Elmer

"Argonaut Tales" (article)

Arizona City

Arizona Historical Foundation

Arizona History (article - emigration)

Arizona History (article - investments)

Arizona History (book excerpt - History of Arizona, vol. 1)

Arizona History (book excerpt - Our Southwest)

Arizona History (timeline)

Arizona Jewish Historical Society

Arizona Jewish Historical Society (Phoenix Chapter)

Arizona Jewish Historical Society (Southern Arizona Chapter)

Arizona Jewish Post (article about: "A Conspectus of Arizona's Pioneer Anglo-Jewish Newspaper")

Arizona and New Mexico History (article)

Arizona (Pioneer) Historical Society (book excerpt)

Arizona Quarterly Illustrated, 1880-81

Arizona Rangers (article)

Aronson, John

Artzi, Sarah Tobin

Ash, Bruce

Asher Brothers' Powderhouse (articles)

Asia, Daniel

Astronauts (Jewish - article)

Atkinson, Sadie

Atlas, Louise C.

Auerbach, Norman E.

August, Harold

Bacal, Elizabeth

Backman, Felix

Backstein, Jacob

Baker, Donald

Banking in Arizona

Banta, Albert Franklin (excerpt from story by)

Barkan family

Barnett, Aaron

Barr, Rev. Lawrence

Barth, Bernice

Barth, Isaac

Barth, Jacob

Barth, Maurice

Barth, Nathan

Barth, Solomon (biographical)

Barth, Solomon (legal documents)

Bashevkin, Albert

Baswitz, Louie and Henry

Baum, Kuno

Baum, Sarah

Becker, Rabbi Israel

Becker, Mark

Becker, Sylvia

Beigel, Alfred

Beigel, Allan

Beigel, Gisela

Beigel-Kaye, Joan

Beim, Mary

Bellman, Ben

Bellman, Lamar

Bellman, Melvina (nee Balk)

Belzer, Suzanne

Ben-Asher, Susan (married name: Newton)

Bendalin, Howard

Bendell, Herman

Benson, AZ (Jewish merchants in)

Bensusan family

Beren family

Berger, J.M.

Berger, Jeannie

Berger, Madeline Dreyfuss Heineman

Berger, Quincy Chaim

Bergman, Rabbi Moise

Bergman, Jacob

Berlowe, Herman

Berney, Leo

Bernstein, Beryl

Bernstein, Justice Charles

Bernstein, Dr. Dennis

Bersh, Victor

Bersu, Camilla

Beth El Congregation (Phoenix)

Beth Emeth Congregation (Sun City West)

Beth Joshua Congregation (Scottsdale)

Bien-Willner, Ruben and Felissa

Bilgray (Rabbi Albert T.) Lectureship Steering Committee

Bilgray, Rabbi Albert T.

Bisbee, AZ


Bisman, Rabbi Mark and Fredda

Blitzer, Professor Leon

Block, Ben

Block, Molly Handmaker

Bloom Brothers

Bloom, Clara Ferrin

Bloom, David Walter

Bloom, Naomi Gerstel

Bloom Southwest Jewish Archives - 3f.

Bloom, Theodore F.

Bloomfield, Suzanne

Blumberg, Abraham M.

B'nai B'rith

B'nai B'rith Women

Bongarten, Harold

Bookbinder, Donald Gene

Bookman, Julius "Dooley"

Boorstein, Mary

Boritzer, Regina

Bowie, AZ

Bracker, Robert

Bracker, Charles

Bracker, Joseph

Bracker, Pearl

Brandes, Raphael

Bravin, Lance

Breger, Bertha

Breger, Rabbi Marcus

Breger, Rabbi Marcus (correspondence)

Breger, Rabbi Marcus (correspondence - University of Arizona)

Breskin, "Aunt" Dolores

Breweries and Jewish Pioneers (book excerpt - Brewed in America: A History of Beer and Ale in the United States

"Brides for Brethren , 1854 - 1879" (article)

Brock, Warren

Brook, Benjamin and Elizabeth

Brooks, "Al" Sumner

Brophy C. Frank

Brown, Jeanette

Brown, Morris J.

Burg, Sidney

Burnette, Ralph

Bush, Ruthann

Cabat, Erni and Rose

Calisher, M.

Cantor, Judge Irwin

Capin, Dr. Donna

Capin, Esther

Capin family (clippings)

Capin family (genealogy)

Capin/Bracker families (genealogy)

Capin, Fannie

Capin, Harlan

Capin, Helen

Capin, Hyman

Capin, Jacob (Jake)

Capin, Leslie

Capin, Lillian

Capin, Philip

Capin, Richard

Capin, Samuel (1877-1931)

Capin, Samuel (1903-68)

Capin, Sylvia

Cattlemen (Jewish)

Cauthorn, Robert S. - 2 f.

Censuses of Arizona Territory (Jewish listings [1860-1880])

Cerf, Marian

Chambers, Winnie Emma

Chanen, Herman

Chanin, Abraham

Charleston, AZ

Charpentier, Harry ("Pepper")

Chernin, Bessie Capin

Chernin family

Chernin, Harry

Chesin, Ruth

"Chronicle" (newsletter of the Southern Arizona Chapter of the American Jewish Historical Society)

Church Arson Prevention Act

Citron, Aaron L.

Civil War (Arizona battles in)

Clifton, AZ

Cochise County Historical and Archaeological Society

Cochise County (law enforcement)

Cohen, Adeline R.

Cohen, Charles E.

Cohen, Harry

Cohen, Haskell

Cohen, Henry

Cohen, Janice E.

Cohen, Marvin S.

Cohen, Maurice

Cohen, Meyer

Cohen, Morris


Cohen, Dr. Sam

Cohen, Sarah W.

Cohen, Woody

Cohn, Alfred A.

Cohn, Rabbi Benjamin

Cohn, B[ernard?]

Cohn brothers

Cohn, David

Cohn, Elias and H.M.

Cohn, I.

Cohn, Joseph

Cohn, M.W.


Cole, Beatrice

Coleman, Celia

"Colorado, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, Wyoming, and Arizona Gazetteer and Business Directory, 1884-1885" (photocopy)

Conferences (Jews in the Southwest United States)

Congregation Anshei Israel (Tucson) - 3f.

Congregation Beis Menachem (Phoenix)

Congregation Bet Shalom (Tucson)

Congregation Chaverim (Tucson)

Congregation Chofetz Chayim (Tucson)

Congregation Eshel Avraham (Tucson)

Congregation Young Israel (Tucson)

Consolidated National Bank (Tucson)

Contracts and consignments (historical; photocopies)

Cooper, Michael

Copeland, Isaac

Coppersmith, Senator Sam

Cornfield, Bernard

Cornfield, Matilda ("Tillie")

Costin, Max

Cranston, Jack

"Culture and Community: Artistic Encounters" (project of the National Foundation for Jewish Culture)

Cunningham, George

Custer, Howard and Morton

Cyment, Dorothy

Danforth Chapel (Arizona State University)

Darby, Dr. Richard

Davis, Betty Jane

Davis, Mayor Lewis

Davis Monthan Air Force Base (Tucson; Jewish activities; "The Shofar" - newsletter)

Deitel, Saul and Rose

"Los Descendientes del Presidio de Tucson" (newsletter)

Deutch, Sidney J.

Deutsch, Sam

Dever, William

Diamond, Donald R.

Diamond, Isaac

Diamond, Joseph

Diamond, Nathan

Dickstein family

Dickstein, Harold

Dickstein, Irwin

Dickstein, Dr. Stephen

Dietrich, Harvey

Dinnerstein, Leonard

Dinnerstein, Myra

Dobkin, Minnie

Doll, Peter

Donau, Alfred

Donau, Hugo

Donnadieu, Gabriel

Dorson, Sylvia

Dorson, William

Douglas, AZ

Douglas (AZ) Cemetery

Douglas Military Camp

Dow, Rabbi Ydel

Downing, Dimitri Y.

Drachman, Albert

Drachman, Emanuel

Drachman, Esther

Drachman, Harry

Drachman, Herbert

Drachman, Jennie

Drachman, Lucille

Drachman, Mose

Drachman, Myra

Drachman, Philip

Drachman, Rosa Katzenstein

Drachman, Roy

Drachman, Sally Spaid

Drachman, Samuel H. - 2f.


Drachman, Samuel H. (diary - photocopies)

"The Drachmans of Arizona" (article - Floyd S. Fierman)

Dreyer, Sam

Duckstein, Lucien

Dumes, Scott

Dumes, William

Dun and Bradstreet Mercantile Agency (reference book - 1908)

Dunn, Seth

Dworin, Dr. Milton

Earp, Wyatt

Eber, Solly

Eckstein, Dr. Albert

Ehrenberg, Herman

Ehrlich, Dr. Joe

Eisenberg, Abe

Eisenberg, S. Harold

Elias, Jacob

Elkus, Irene

Ellis, N.

Eloy, AZ

Emanuel, Abraham H.

Ephraim, Leopold

Epstein, Harry

Erman family

Ettinger, Rowena

Evangelism from Christians (Jewish reactions to)

Evans, Robert

Ezekiels, Al

Ezekiels, Louis


Fairbank, AZ

Falkow, Cantor Maurice

Farming (Jews in)

Feder, Bradley, H.

Feig family

Feldman, Alther M.

Feldman, Hank

Feldman, Henry

Feldman, Joesph

Feldman, Oded and Ina

Feldman, Stanley G.

Feldman, Yosef

Fenster, George and Kitty (benefactors of the Fenster School)

Fenton, Margie

Fenton, Norman

Ferdie, Moreen

Ferentz, Judd

Ferrin, Arthur H.

Ferrin, Joseph

Ferrin, Therese Marx

Feyder, Leslie Newman

Fierman, Floyd

Fierst, Esther

Fine, Jack and Tillie

Fine, Sylvia Vogel

Fink, Richard

Finkelstein, Jack

Finkelstein, Rita

Fireman, Bert

Fischer, Adele

Fishman, Joesph

Fishman, Larry

Fleischman, Lawrence

Fleishman, Fannie Dreyfuss

Fleishman, Fred

Fleishman, Herman

Florsheim, William

Flyer, Anna

Fortman, Brian

Frank, Abraham

Frankl, Captain Robert A.

Franklin, Abraham M.

Franklin family

Franklin, Selim M.

Franklin, Shirley Alter

Freedom Run (race against prejudice in Tucson)

Freudenthal/Lesinsky/Solomon families

Fried, Mary L.

Friedman, Bernard

Friedman, Charles

Friedman, Frank

Friedman, Harry

Friedman, Herman

Friedman, Leah and Sol

Friedman, Sam

Frohman, Elaine

Fruchthendler, Jacob C.

Fruchthendler, Jean Abend

Fuchs, Morton

Funk family

Furst, Beth

Gaber, Pamela

"Galveston Plan" (settling of Jewish immigrants in the West)

Ganz, Emil and Sylvan

Garber, Dick and Harriet

Garrard, John and Carol

Gelband, Claire

Geller, Milton

Gellman, Stuart

Gerst, Morris

Gibson, Robert

Giffords, Gifford ("Gif")

Gila City, AZ

Gilbert, Alice (SEE: Solmon/Goldberg)

Ginsberg, Anna

Ginsburg, David and Helen

Ginsburg, Genevieve

Giss, Goldie

Giss, Harold C.

Glassberg, Sharon

Globe, AZ

Glogoff, Stuart

Goetz, Richard H.

Gold, Frank

Gold, Reuben

Goldbaum, Abe

Goldbaum, Arthur

Goldbaum, David

Goldbaum, Emma V.

Goldbaum, Eugene

Goldbaum, Joe

Goldbaum, Julius

Goldbaum, Louis

Goldbaum, Marcus

Goldbaum, Nathan

Goldbaum, Sarah

Goldberg, Aaron

Goldberg, Bernard A.

Goldberg Brothers Clothing Store (Phoenix)

Goldberg, Mrs. Carrie (wife of Aaron)

Goldberg, Charles

Goldberg, Chester Sr.

Goldberg, David

Goldberg, Ed

Goldberg family

Goldberg, Hyman

Goldberg, Isaac

Goldberg, Marvin

Goldberg, Dr. Philip

Goldenberg, Lillian

Golden Eagle Brewery (Tombstone)

Goldish, Matt

Goldman, Adolf

Goldman, Ben

Goldman, Bertha Feiler

Goldman Brothers (Phoenix)

Goldman, Charles

Goldman, Elliot Sheldon

Goldman, Helen Toppel

Goldman, Irwin L. ("Buddy")

Goldman, Leo and Charles

Goldman, Maurice

Goldman, S. B.

Goldschmidt, Adolph

Goldschmidt, Alfred J. and Louise

Goldschmidt, Leo

Goldsmith, Ben

Goldsmith, Grace

Goldstein, Brian

Goldstein, Dorothy

Goldstein, J. (business owner in Prescott, AZ)

Goldstein, Judith

Goldstein, Lois

Goldtree, Estelle

Goldtree, Harriet

Goldtree, Isador

Goldtree, Joesph

Goldtree, Lillian

Goldwater, Baron (Barry, Sr.)

Goldwater, Senator Barry (Barry, Jr.)

Goldwater, Ben

Goldwater, Carrie

Goldwater family

Goldwater genealogy

Goldwater, Henry

Goldwater, Joesph

Goldwater, Julius

Goldwater, Michael


Goldwater, Morris

Goldwater, Sam

Goldwyn, Lillian Hurwitz

Goodman, A.

Goodman, Edward

Goodman, Leon

Goodman, Mary

Goodman, Yetta

Gorbakovsky, Edward

Gordon, Edna

Gordon, William

Gottesman, Iris

Gotthelf, Isadore

Government (Jews in; book excerpt - Legislative History: Arizona 1864-1912)

Government (Jews in)

Grabb, Samuel

Graham County, AZ

Greenbaum, Alice

Greenbaum, Dr. Arnold

Greenberg, Bruce

Greenberg, George

Greenberg, Harold

Greenman, Rose

Green Valley, AZ

Greenwald, Samuel

Grossman, Lou

Grouskay, Aubrey

Grouskay family

Grunewald family

Gulf War

Gumbiner, Rabbi Joesph

Gunst, Ralph

Guralnick, Ralph

Guy, Dr. Donna

Haas, Brenda

Halper, Stacey

Hammer, Dr. Michael

Hammerschlag, Dr. Carl

Handmaker family (esp. Isadore H. ["Murf"])

Handmaker Home for the Aged (Tucson)

Hartman, Norman and Francesca

Har Zion Congregation (Paradise Valley)

Hebrew Benevolent Society (Tucson)

"Heichal Baoranim" (newsletter - Phoenix)

Heiman, Andrea

Heiman, Sandra R.

Heineman, Samuel

Heineman, Simon

Heisler, Michael

Heller, Louis

Henderson, Abraham

Herberg, Lloyd

Herman, Betty Jane

Herman family

Herman, Maury

Hersh, Bianca

Herzberg, Dr. Benjamin

High Holy Days

Hillel (Arizona State University)

Hillel (University of Arizona)

Hirsch, Sarah S.


Horn, Henry

Horwitz, Harry

Hyman, Julia

Ilitskey, Isadore

Immigration (Soviet Jews)

Irwin, Alfred

Isaacson, Jacob

Isenstein, Bob

Iseral, Julia Schaffer

Jacobs family

Jacobs, Harold

Jacobs, Leon

Jacobs, Marion

Jacobs, Mark

Jacome family

Jastro, Henry

Jerome, AZ

Jewish calendar calculations

The Jewish Chronicle, 1841-1941 (excerpt)

Jewish Community Foundation of Southern Arizona

Jewish Community Relations Council (Tucson)

Jewish Family and Children's Service (Tucson)

Jewish Federation of Southern Arizona

Jewish Historical Society of Southern Arizona

Jewish pioneer men in the West (articles)

"Jewish Pioneers in Arizona" (article)

"A Jewish Tourist's Guide" (excerpt)

Jewish Web Sites (World Wide Web)

The Jews in Arizona -- New Challenges

"Jews in Chihuahua -- Appendix VI" (excerpt)

"Jews of Arizona" (article - Freedman)

"Jews of Arizona" (article - Rochlin)

Joffe, Leonard

Joffe, Steve

Journalism (Jews in)

Kahn, Belle

Kahn, Richard

Kaiserman, Jeffrey

Kalish family

Kane, Fan

Kaplan, Alexander

Kaplan, Helen

Kaplan, Irving D,

Kaplan, Ruth

Kaplan, Sydney ("Duke")

Karon, Bruce A.

Karp, Dr. Leonard R.

Karsch, Carol and Daniel

Karz-Wagman, Rabbi Harley

Katcher, Fannie

Katz, Harold

Katz, Harry

Katz, Henry

Katz, Marcus

Katz, Ronald

Katzenstein, Albert

Katzenstein, Alma

Katzenstein, Frieda

Katzenstein, Sam

Kauffman, Davidson, Semmel, Inc.

Kaufman, Frances

Kaufman, Harold

Kaufman, Henry

Kaufman, Judah

Kaufman, Ruth

Kaufman, Sam

Kaufman, Tave G.

Kay, Morton

Kaye, Bobby

Kaye, Judy

Keane, Norman

Keller, Irving

Kellman, Herman

Kimmelman, Alex

King, Benjamin

Kingman Cemetery records (Kingman, AZ)

Kipnis, Sam

Kippe, Mollie

Kivel Care Center (Phoenix)

Kivel, Joesph K.

Klein, Gerda Weissmann

Klein, H. W.

Klein, S. (and Company)

Kleiner, Dr. Stanley

Kleinerman, Ed

Kleinman, Julius

Kline family

Koffler, Dr. Henry

Koppell, Rabbi Bonnie

Korrick family

Koschland, Moses

Kozolchyk, Boris

Krasner, Oscar

Kraszynski, Maurice

Kritchevsky, Elise

Kroloff, Geraldine

Krueger, Rudi

Kruglick, Burt

Krupp, Dr. Leon

Ku Klux Klan

Kulanu (Tucson)

Kurn, Samuel and Jane

Kustner, Jack and Dorothy

Labensart, Irving

Lamb, Urusla

Lamden, Richard

Lanceman, Bernard

Landers, Samuel

Landman, Rebecca

Landsberger, Louis

Langer, Rubin

Lantin, Max

Lappit, Leopold

Lasner, Anne

Lauber, Margot

Law (Jews in)

Lazard, Alphonse

Lazarow, Pearl

Lazarus, P.

Lebeau, Saul

Lederman, Amy Hirshberg

Lederman, Bernard

Lederman, Rose

Leeds, Leona J.

Lefty, William (formerly Levkowitz)

Lehman, Marshall

Lehman, Sylvia Gold

Lehrer, Cy

Lehrer, Lenoard

Leichman, Nathan

Leonard, Judith

Leonard, Wendy

Lesinsky, Henry and Charles

Lessner, Harold

Levanthal, B.

Levi, Fortunato

Levin, Alexander

Levin, Henry

Levit, Sady

Levkowitz, Bertie

Levkowitz, Clara

Levkowitz, Helene

Levkowitz family

Levkowitz, Milton

Levy, Aaron

Levy, Alfred

Levy, Ben (Ajo, AZ)

Levy, Ben (Douglas, AZ)

Levy, Ben (Winslow, AZ)

Levy brothers (Mohave County, AZ)

Levy, David

Levy's Department Store (Tucson)

Levy, Donnie

Levy, Dora

Levy, Doug

Levy, Esther

Levy, Eugene H.

Levy family

Levy, Felix

Levy, Ike

Levy, Isaac

Levy, Jacob

Levy, Jake

Levy, Jim

Levy, Joe

Levy, Leon

Levy, Chief Levy (Indian chief?)

Levy, Lois

Levy, Mamie

Levy, Mary

Levy, Miguel and Norma

Levy, Mike

Levy, Moise

Levy, Nathan

Levy, Sam


Levy, Sol (Bisbee)

Lewis, Howard

Lewis, Sol

Lewkowitz, Burton

Lewkowitz, Herman

Lewkowitz, Jerry

Lex, Michael

Liberman, Julius

Lichertman, Cantor Ivor

Lieb, Dr. Charles

Liese, Harry

Lipsey, Alfred

Lipshultz, Menachem

Lisitzky, Charles

Little Chapel of All Nations (Tucson)

Littman, Sol

Loeb, Charles

Loewenstein, Ben

London, Rabbis Ross and Victoria

Lowenstein, I.

Lo[e]wenstein, Manny

Louchheim, Rabbi Thomas

Lukin, Abe

Lukin/Sachs family

Lulley, Mark

Lyons, Abraham

Lyons, Isaac

Malach, Ruth

Maimonidean Society (University of Arizona) - 4f.

Mallin, Sol

Manassee family

Mannassee, Herman (various spellings of surname)

Mannis, David

Mansfeld, Eva

Mansfeld, Jacob S.

Mansfeld, Leonor (married name: Williamson)

Mansfeld, Samuel J.

Mansfeld, Mrs. Samuel J.

Mansfield, Monte

"Many Jews Helped the Pioneers Settle Arizona" (article)

Marcus, Janet

Marcus, Robert

Marcus, Sadye Capin

Marcus, Sam

Marcus, Simon

Margolies, Lillian

Marks, Barnett

Marks, Jake

Marks, Max

Marks, Selma Paul

Marshall, Jonathan

Martin, Daniel

Marx, Abraham

Masonic Lodge (Tucson )

May, Louis A.

Mayer, Marcus B.

Mayer, William P.

McKenney's Business Directory -1882-1883 (excerpt - Arizona listings)

Mecham, Gov. Evan

Mechles, Leon

Meckler, Steven

Medicine (Jews in )

Meier, J. A.

Melczer brothers

Melczer, Mrs. Ed

Melnick, Jacob

Mendel, Lillian

Merchants (Jewish)

Meyer, Carrie

Meyer, Judge Charles

Meyer, Henry Jr.

Meyer, Henry Sr.

Meyer, Isadore

Meyer, A. Leonard

Miami, AZ

Miessner, Julia Allen

Migdal, Lila Z. Haas

Milberg, Morton and Helga

Miles, Harriet K.

Military (Jews in)

Miller, Ed

Miller, Mayor George

Miller, Jacob

Miller, Joe

Miller, Rachel Sadowsky

Miller, Zach

Millstone, Donald

Mining (Jews in)

Mogill, Leo

Mohave County, AZ

Monsky, Thelma

Moore, Wendy Marmis

Morris, Abe P.

Morris, Isaac

Morrison, Ray A.

Mossman, Lettie

Murillo, Lupita

Myerson family

Myerson, Jean

Myerson, Joesph

Nathan, Dena

Nathan, Sol

National Council of Jewish Women (NCJW)

Native Americans and Jews (relations)

Neiblum, Lottie

Nemeroff, Celia

Netzky, Lester

Neugass, Joesph

Neustatter, Major Isidor

Nevins, James

Newman, Jack B.

Newmark, Cecil

New Mexico

Nieblum, Henry

Niemoller, Pastor Martin

Noah, Max

Nogales, AZ

"Northern Arizona Territorial Death and Burial Records" (1870-1910)

Novick, Herman

Oberfelder, S.

Ogden, Emma

Oleisky, Rabbi Arthur

"On the Arizona-Sonora Frontier in 1880" (article)

"Operation Exodus" (Tucson Jewish Federation)

Oppenheimer, Ernest

Organization for Rehabilitation through Training (ORT)

Ostroy, Irving

Owls Club (Tucson)

Pakier, Freddi

Parents of North American Israelis (Tucson chapter)

Peachin, David

Peck, Jeffery

Perkins, Judith

Perlin, Bernie

Perlman, Natran

Peterson, Cele

Phillips, Ed

Phoenix anti-semitism

"Phoenix aristocracy" (clipping)

Phoenix - Arizona Jewish Historical Society (Phoenix Chapter)

Phoenix B'nai B'rith organization

Phoenix City Council

Phoenix - "Greater Phoenix Jewish News"

Phoenix Hebrew Academy

Phoenix history

Phoenix: the History of a Southwestern Metropolis (excerpt)

Phoenix Jewish Community Center

Phoenix Jewish Federation

Phoenix - the Kishinef Fund

Phoenix Volunteer Fire Department

Pima County jurists

Pimeria Alta Historical Society

Pioneer Jews in the Southwest United States

"Pioneer Jews of Arizona" (article - Harriet Rochlin)

Pitt, Donald

Plotkin, Albert and Sylvia

Plotkin, Irving


Polk, Frank -2f.

Polk, Sally

Poplanshy, Pauline

Population surveys

Portman, Sophie

Posner, Philip

Posner, Robert

Postil, Eleanor

Pozez family

Prescott, AZ

Present, Elmer

Price, Louis

"Project Isaiah"

Purim Ball (Tucson -1886)

Rabin, Irving

Rabinowitz, Steve

Rado, Leanore Levy

Ramenofsky, Dorothy

Ramenofsky, Elizabeth

Ranching (Jews in)

Rappaport, Harold

Raskin, Fannie

Rauh, Anna

Raykh/Weinstein/Yusofora families

Raykh, Vera V.

Reimers, Rabbi Paula

Reich, Molly

Reiss, Leni

Republican Party politics

Resnick, Dr. Sol

Reznik, Michael

Reznikov, Dr. Anna

Riback, Jack

Rickles, Abraham

"Rings" of influence in Arizona history

Ritchie, Matthew

Rivera, Geraldo

Robinson, J.B.

Rochlin, Abe

Rochlin, Annie Shapiro

Rochlin, Claire

Rochlin, Fred

Rochlin, Harriet

Rochlin, Sidney

Ronald, Rabbi Jeffrey N.

"Roots in the Desert..." (title of a photographic exhibition)

Rosen, Babette

Rosen, Fred

Rosen, Judith

Rosenbaum, Marcia

Rosenbaum, Morris C.

Rosenbaum, Polly

Rosenberg, Mrs. Morris

Rosenberg, Selma

Rosenberg, Seth

Rosenberg, William

Rosenberg, Winfield

Rosenblatt, Paul

Rosenblum, Hyman

Rosenbluth, Mike

Rosenfeld, Bernath

Rosenstein, Herman

Rosenstern, Louis

Rosentstock, Alberto

Rosenthal, Joseph

Rosenthal, N.

Rosenthal, Sandy

Rosenzweig, Arline ("Sandy")

Rosenzweig, Harry

Rosenzweig, Hillel

Rosenzweig, Isaac

Rosenzweig, Rosa

Rothberger, Jeannette

Rothman, Martha K.

Rothschild Ice Cream Shop

Rubin, Dan

Rubin, William J.

Rubinstein, Irving and Harriet

Rubinstein, Joesph

Rubinow, Thelma

Rudnitsky, Alex

Ruggil, Solomon

Rulney, Melynda

Rutz, Rebecca Staman and Myer Lawrence

Sachs, Dr. Jacob Leonard

Sachs, Woolf

Sacks, Dr. Benjamin

Safford, AZ

Saft, Ralph

Salonic, Philip

Samter, J.

Sandoval, Juan

Sare, Moysey

Sarver, Jack

Sattler, Esther

Satz, Wayne

Schaefer, Helen S.

Schaefer, John Paul

Schain, Abraham

Schain, Al

Schantz, Mildred

Schenkner, Howard

Schiesel, Herman

Schiff, Nathan

Schifman, David

Schlomowitz, Fanny

Schneider, Eleanor

Schneider, William

Schoenfeld, Louis

Schonholz, Hertz

Schulman, Edmund and Alsie

Schurgin, Samuel

Schuster family

Schwartz, Moritz

Sedley, Bernard

Sedona, AZ

Sehler, Jeff Hannan

Seidel, Jonathan

Seidner, Dr. Aaron

Seligman, Theodore

Seligmann, C.

Senderoff, Charles

Senor, Irving and Rachel

Sephardim of Tucson

Shandling, Garry

Shanhouse, Morris

Shapiro, A.D.

Shapiro, Norman

Shapiro, Sam

Shayevich, Sergey

Sheinbein, Melvin ("Mickey")

Shemtov, Rabbi Joesph

Sherberg, Esther

Sherman, Rose

Sherwin, Rabbi Richard

Shiff family

Shiff, Murray

Shifrin family

Shore, Sean Marc

Shostac, Lillian Ilitzky

Shrager, Nancy

Shropshire, Donald Gray

Siebenberg, Harry

Siegel, Rabbi Kenneth

Siegel, Shirley Ruth

Silberman, Rabbi Herbert

Silberman, Rabbi Lou

Silver, Diane

Silver, Rose

Silverbell Road (Tucson - found objects)

Silverberg, Simon

Silverman, Estherlea

Silverman, Lisa

Silverman, Ruth

Silverstein, Milt

Silverstone, Sally

Simon, Abraham

Simon, Bertha

Simon, Morris

Simon, Rabbi Ralph

Singer, Isaac

Singer, Mark

Slamon, Judge J.J.

Slavkin, Tillie

Smith, Herbert

Smythe, Patricia

Society for Crypto-Judaic Studies

Solomon, Adolph

Solomon, Anna

Solomon, Charles

Solomon, David

Solomon family

Solomon, Hattie (Mrs. Charles)

Solomon, Hyman

Solomon, Isidor Elkan

Solomon/Lesinsky/Freudenthal families

Solomon, Max

Solomon, Ruth

Solomonville, AZ

Solot, Ben H.

Solot family

Solot, Marian

Solot, Morton

Sonder, Anne

Sonoita kosher wine production

Southwest Jewish Archives (conference - 1991)

"Southwest Jewish History" (newsletter of the Southwest Jewish Archives)

Soza family (newsletter)

Specter, Sam and Miriam

Spielberg, Steven

Spitalny family

Spivack, Marvin

Staab and Company

Stein family

Stein, Max

Steinfeld, Albert


Steinfeld, Albert

Steinfeld, Irene (married name: Pizzini)

Steinfeld, Viola (married name: O'Neil)

Sterling, Irene

Stern, Sarah

Stickle, Leonard

St. Johns, AZ

Stocker, Joseph

Stone Avenue Temple Project (Tucson)

Stone, Harry

Strauss, Charles M.

Strauss, Gerd

Strober, Harry

Strug, Dr. Burt

Strug, Kerri

Stuart, Yale

Sverdlik, Henrietta

Swetschinski, Daniel M.

Syde, Saul H.

Sylvia Plotkin Judaica Museum (at Temple Beth El - Phoenix)

Taren, Elizabeth

Temple Beth Israel (Phoenix) - 2f.

Temple Beth Shalom (Green Valley)

Temple Beth Shalom (Havasu)

Temple B'rith Shalom (Prescott)

Temple Emanu-El (Tempe)

Temple Emanu-El (Tucson)

Temple Kol Hamidbar (Sierra Vista)

Temple of Music and Art (Tucson)

Temple Solel (Paradise Valley)

Terman, Ruth

Tishkevich, Nina

"To Tender Our Services" (excerpt from The Arizona Rough Riders)

Tobin, Irwin

Tobin, Saul

Tombstone, AZ

Tombstone (AZ) Jewish cemetery

Torme, Arthur

Tribolet, Godfrey

Tuba City, AZ

Tucson, AZ

Tucson (Chabad-Lubavitch sect)

Tucson (city council)

Tucson (city directory -1881)

Tucson (city government)

Tucson (downtown map/Jewish homes)

Tucson (first Jewish wedding in Territory of Arizona)

Tucson (Hanukkah celebration)

Tucson Hebrew Academy

Tucson Hebrew High School

Tucson (historical homes)

Tucson Jewish Cemetery Association (1890)

Tucson Jewish Community Center - 2f.

Tucson Jewish Community Center (Maccabi youth athletic team)

Tucson Jewish Community Council

Tucson ("The Jewish Community In Tucson : Structure and Forms of Jewish Self-Identification" - article)

Tucson Jewish Family and Children's Service

Tucson Jewish Film Festival

Tucson Jewish War Veterans

Tucson (Jewish welfare and benevolent societies)

Tucson (Jewish youth study)

Tucson (Kosher meat products)

Tucson ("Landmarks of the Old Pueblo" - historical sketches)

Tucson: The Life and Times of an American City (excerpt)

Tucson (map -1862; copy of)

Tucson (mayors of)


Tucson (newspaper of 1879; notes taken from)

Tucson ("Tent City")

Tucson (World War II)

Tuller, Mort and Howard

Tumarkin, Linda

Turken, Morris

United Order of True Sisters (Tucson)

University of Arizona (anti-semitism)

University of Arizona (Hillel Foundation)

University of Arizona (history)

University of Arizona (Holocaust denial issues)

University of Arizona (Jewish athletes)

University of Arizona (Judaic Studies Program)

University of Arizona (Saudi Arabia relations)

Uvaydova, Sarah

Veksler, Eugene

Vertlieb, Freda

Vicenzi, Richard

Villa, Pancho

Viner, Andy

Volgy, Thomas J.

Wallet, Eleanor Ruth

Wartsky, Bernard

Wasserman, Celma

Weinberger, Jacob

Weiner, Leonard

Weinstein, Harry

Weinstein, Jeffrey Neil

Weinstein, Joseph

Weinstein, Rebecca

Weintraub, Anna R.

Weintraub, Ron and Diane

Weisberg, Sheldon

Weisl, Bernard

Weisl, Sig

Weiss, Devora

Weiss, Melissa

Weissman, Eva

Weisz, Elsa

Weisz, Kurt

Weizenbaum ,Suzanne

Weizenbaum, Rabbi Joesph

Welisch, T.

Wernick family

Wertheimer, Aaron

Wesendorff, Max

Wetzler, Julius

Weyler, Charles

Whitehill, Lorraine

Wickenberg, AZ

Wiener, David

Wiesel, Elie

Wilf, Regina

Willcox, AZ

Williams, AZ

Wine, David S.

Winter, Charles F.

Wintner, Gertrude

Wise, Joesph E.

Wisotsky, Jerry

Wolf, Harry

Wolf, Ida

Wolfe, Ivan

Wolfe, Michelle Pinnas

Wollenberg, Charles

Wollenberg family

Wollenberg, Louis

Wolpert, Saul

Woolf, Eta

Wolsky, Sam and Bobbie

Wormser, Michael

Yakorevsky, Vladimir

Yall, Anna

Yavelberg, Samuel

Yontef, Roger

Yontef, Samuel

Yusufova, Almas

Zales, Ruth

Zeckendorf, Aaron

Zeckendorf family

Zeckendorf (Lilienfeld sisters)

Zeckendorf, Fanny

Zeckendorf, Julia

Zeckendorf, Lina

Zeckendorf, Louis

Zeckendorf, Mathilde

Zeckendorf/Steinfeld families

Zeckendorf, William

Zuckerman, Mel and Enid


Jews¾ Arizona

Arizona-History-19th century


Frontier and pioneer life-Arizona

Mineral industries-Arizona-History




Banks and banking-Arizona-History

Retail trade-Arizona-History

Jewish businesspeople-Arizona-History