The Archives includes material on the lives of descendants of conversos, or Crypto-Jews. This exhibit looks at the Crypto-Jewish experience in the U. S. Southwest. It includes contributions made by people who discovered Jewish roots in their family history. SWJA's selected readings on Crypto-Jews, and Sephardim in Spain and Portugal, frames the topic in an historical context. 


A common toy among Mexican children to this day is one that bears a striking similarity to a Dreidl, a top used to play games during Hanukkah, the Jewish Festival of Lights

An amulet of the Ten Commandments in Hebrew, owned by Ruth Ruiz Reed Miller. She explained that the amulet was passed down to her from family members for years

For more information on Crypto-Jews we recommend visiting  The Society for Crypto-Judaic Studies and Kulanu Membership in the Society for Crypto Judaic Studies includes its journal, HaLapid, also available on its website.  The Society holds an annual conference and welcomes new members. "Kulanu ("All of Us" in Hebrew), founded in 1994, is a non-profit organization which supports isolated and emerging Jewish communities around the world, many of whom have long been disconnected from the worldwide Jewish community. Kulanu engages with these dispersed groups and individuals through networking and support. We raise awareness and support for emerging communities through education, research, and publications about their histories and traditions. Our connections help all of us enrich our Jewish lives." The New Mexico Jewish Historical Society website contains a section on Crypto-Jews.