Hyman Karp Letter

The Wernick Family Record of Remembrance: From Shtetl to Tucson

1918-1926: Ida Orlinsky and Alex Wernick

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Troop K 310 Cavalry
Fort Ethan Allen, Vt.
Oct. 5,1918

Dear friend Hyman,

I received your letter and I was indeed glad to hear from you. I was especially interested in the details of the physical examination you had to go through in order to be admitted to the Students Army Training Corp, but according to the letter you were rejected. Well Hyman I sympathize with you for I know that it is an awful blow to one that is willing to serve his country to the best of his ability.

But take my advice, cheer up and don't take it to heart for there are a thousand other ways to do your bit, especially now. Here is one way I know of. Now listen, the commanding officer of this camp gathered all the soldiers from the camp and among other words he said, "Every and each one of you here are good soldiers and youwill do your bit in the near future, and Uncle Sam does not expect you men to do any more than you already did and what you will do but there is one duty that lies upon all of you men, and that is that right after you will be dismissed from this meeting, I want each one of you men to write to all your friends at home, who probably for some reason or another did not get the privilege to wear the same uniform that you do. Write them and tell them that they can do their bit by buying another and one more Liberty Bonds. So I say that although you were rejected for the S. A. T. C. you can still do your bit by buying and encouraging others to buy Liberty Bonds."

Well Hyman I think that also I have done my duty that the camp commander spoke of, and I will now finish with a few words about myself.

I am still here in the same camp, and as to when we will leave this camp we don't know. I am getting along fine and enjoying the weather we get here.

This time of year the weather is nothing but rain. It rains here everyday. Yet there are intervals of sunshine causing very beautiful scenes. In the distance is seen the mountaintops all covered with snow. While at the bottom the foliage is wonderful green, yellow, red, orange, pink, and other colors. These different colored leaves lying on the ground form a very beautifully designed heavenly carpet which cannot be made or bought for all the money in the world. It makes one who is not acquainted with nature feel as if he is in a trance. Yet it is real for it is the dear heavenly father who has performed this. It is his power. It is he and no one else that could do things that seem impossible and my friend it is he who will help our country bring victory of peace, liberty, justice and democracy to the entire world and I hope in the near future.

This is about all I have to say just at present. I thank you ever so much for the regards you wrote me from my family. My best regards to all. I remain your friend.

Alex Wernick