The Bibos Appendix VII

The Impact of the Frontier On a Jewish Family: The Bibos
by Floyd S. Fierman

Originally published in print by the Southwest Jewish Archives, Fall 1988.

We the undersigned commissioned by the (district) in the name of the heirs of said district hereby protest against the projected division of the district and against the efforts which are being made to attain the signatures of some (people) under false and deceitful pretense to obtain such division.

Such a division would mean the ruin and death of the Mexican settlement that lives within and around the district.

It is false that a decree for the division of the district will be made.... No division will be made as long as the heirs are opposed to it.

A certain bank pretends to have a judgment on a large part of the district, but it cannot order the sale until the district is divided ... to specify its claim. For this reason they are asking for our signatures . to take from us the inheritance of our fathers ...

Until now the assassins have had the courtesy to buy their weapons with their own money...

Suppose they divide the district. Let us see what will happen. The district consists of two hundred and twenty thousand acres. The illegal injunction claims one hundred seventy five thousand. In addition a rich Jew wants to defraud us of twenty five thousand of what will be left.

Let us recapitulate ... We will be left with only twenty thousand. Now comes the unscrupulous lawyers who demand from us a third of the remaining twenty thousand ...

fourteen thousand being left...

What has happened in California they want to repeat here....

We already have one hundred signatures for publishing this protest...

The cowards, worshippers of money and injustice do not deserve the name Mexicans.


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